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Don’t Try to De-Notch Me…

Posted on the 05 April 2018 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

What is it with some guys? Why is the insecurity and the need to make a woman feel bad about herself so they can feel better about who they are so prevalent?

Because you know what I am going to say to that today??? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

That is the reason I can barely bring myself to even think about dating. It’s hard for me to imagine committing to being in a relationship again, knowing that the things that draws someone to you in the beginning is almost always going to be what they start to hate about you.

I am strong willed.

I have and opinion, and my opinion matters, even if it’s not the same as yours.

I love all in. If I am with you, I am with you. There is no gray area, and I expect the same in return.

I am loud.

I laugh.

A lot.

That is also loud.

I make no apologies for that.

Don’t try to De-Notch me…

If you are insecure…it won’t last.

If you think I am scoping out other men because you aren’t actually good enough for me…you probably aren’t.

Looking at and being nice to people, including other men doesn’t stop just because we are together.

If you don’t trust me, that’s not my problem. It’s yours.

I am trustworthy, I am loyal, I am a good catch.

But I am hard work.

You need to keep up. You need to keep me on my toes. You need to call me on my shit.

I’m not perfect.

I will never pretend to be.

But I am worth the effort. I deserve to be treated like the Princess I know I am.

I deserve unconditional love. I deserve understanding, warmth and compassion.

I deserve romance.

All of these things should be easy if you love me.  If you are him…I will know.

Because the past has taught me what I need to know to keep myself whole. To keep myself healthy, and to never again settle for less than I deserve.

So if you think maybe I’m the girl you need to cut down to feel better about what you lack…you better just keep moving. I’m not all that interested in what you are bringing to the table.

If the challenge of me is too much for you, don’t waste your time or mine…life is too short, and I am not 17 anymore.

Don’t chase me just for the conquest…your disappointment in how that ends for you will be guaranteed.

And for the love of God…figure out the shit that makes you a dick. Work on yourself a little…fix what makes you feel bad and accept what you can’t change. Talk it the fuck out with someone, anyone. Meditate. Own your shit. If you can’t look yourself in the mirror and feel good about who you are, do something about it. If you aren’t interested in doing any of the above…enjoy your oneness…because all you will ever have, is just your sad old miserable self.

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