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Driver's License Renewal Philippines | Online Appointment | Step by Step Process | Marikina

Posted on the 22 September 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
One of the things we can't avoid being adults is doing the government errands such as registering and renewing stuff which includes our driver's license. Well, let me make things a bit easier for you as I created a simple guide as per my experience on renewing mine. Hopefully, it helps you and more people in the future.

Driver's license renewal Philippines | Online appointment | Step by step process | Marikina

Driver's license Philippines

Let us make this guide simple and direct by immediately going to the first step.

STEP 1Online appointmenthttps://www.lto.net.ph/
Go to this website then scroll down..

Driver's license renewal Philippines | Online appointment | Step by step process | Marikina

Land transportation Office (LTO) website

Select an appointment then make your way through the process..

Select an appointment

Select an appointment

When you are done. Print it and wait until the date of your appointment comes.

Appointment letter printed

Printed appointment letter

STEP 2Appearance at the satellite office

LOL building

LOL building

Since I live in Marikina City, I selected the nearest satellite branch available. And it is here in the Marikina-Bayan area before the Marikina bridge going to and from Tanong (along J.P. Rizal St.). I arrived as per my schedule and immediately went to the customer service. I handed him my appointment documents then directed me to have my medical first located downstairs.
The medical cost P400.

LTO satellite office (Marikina)

Inside the LTO satellite office (Marikina) 

It was fast as I only answered a single sheet of a medical run through, blood pressure, weight, and eye check-ups. I went back to the customer service area again where I then merged to the queue of all the applicants there. Since some people do not prefer the online appointment, I think I jumped 2 queue lines since I think I was the only one who did it at that time. Not sure but I was with some PWDs and Seniors at one moment. I was asked if I was a PWD but when I told them online appointment.. they honored it.
The renewal cost P653.

Driver's license renewal fee

Renewal fee

So all in all, I paid P1,053 and it only took me about 30-45 minutes to renew my driver's license. It is actually a great progress if you have experienced the past systems so well done Land and transportation office (LTO). I cannot wait for more developments in the years to come. By the way, it is true that now it is valid for 5 years.. so why not celebrate right? lol. I am just joking.

STEP 3Enjoy your license
As the poster at their entrance says, "Having a driver's license is not a right, it is a privilege". So make it count. If you want to see the video version of this post feel free to watch it here - down below.

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