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Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

The following is a brief narration of the reality of droplets that we commonly find during rainy season.  The droplet shines great taking the colors of the object it rests.  The bright rays of the Sun further adds to the shiny reflections.  Though the droplet looks great in those begotten color and shining.  The reality, however,  is that it is just nothing without the base where it sits and it will also look pale in absence of Sun light falling on it.  This is just a casual attempt to self-discover ourselves against various situations in life as to the true relevance and significance of our role in varied walks of life and life achievements.

blogbee poem


The shining droplets on the velvet leaves
Reflect the just born pearls
The droplets feel that they shine great
The leaves say that I gave you the base
The Sun says I gave you the shine
The rain lord says It is not you It is me in the drop
The droplet is dead drop in the reality.


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