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Dun Dun Daddy!

Posted on the 18 June 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
I wanted to write and ode to my faja (that means father, in Austin Powers language). I have one photo that describes my dad.189103_10150113543922010_5925333_n-2012-06-17-20-39.jpegNow let me describe my dad to you. In this photo, it was my little brother’s (pictured in the gestures hat) birthday. We were out at braza grill. A pretty nice restaurant, and they had just brought my little brother his birthday cupcake, and sang to him and placed that hat on his head. The waiters left the table, and without even a small hesitation, my dad grabs the candle. Christiaan hasn’t even blown out yet, and lights the hat on fire.
I knew something awesome was about to happen, because I had my camera ready. The hat was only in flames for a few seconds, before Jared (my husband) slammed the fuzzy ball which was now an open flamed fire against Christiaan’s head to put it out, before Christiaan’s entire head was on fire.
If it’s not clear by now. My dad is awesome, he is ALWAYS the life of the party. He is still a maniac, always trying to out due anyone at ANYTHING. Including backflips wake boarding or jumping over my mom on the board, out dirt biking with my brothers, paint balling, golfing, or whatever challenge you can think of my dad will accept. 320046_2431651160934_2037710642_n-2012-06-17-20-39.jpegHe is a social (manly) butterfly and I don’t think he’s ever had one enemy his entire life. The man rocks! He is always positive, and trying to bring out the best in everyone. I don’t think my dad will ever grow up, and I hope he doesn’t. What’s the fun in being a grown up?? I look up to my dad a lot for his positive personality and his work ethic! Now that I won’t be working with him, I really am going to miss seeing him every day, hanging out with him on our lunch breaks, driving him to get his truck fixed every other day, hearing his stories, bonding over breaking bad and hearing his stories which are probably as embellished as mine.
I love my dad. The only time that we don’t get along is in the morning. He is a morning person, and is WAY to happy in the mornings. I am a night person, and prefer no one talks to me before 10am at least.
I love you dad! Happy Father’s day!Dun Dun Daddy!

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