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Educational Resources for Children at Home

Posted on the 12 August 2020 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
Educational Resources for Children at Home
It’s normal for children to get bored when locked up at home. Children’s brains have difficulty remaining focused on one task for long periods of time, so they need to frequently change activities. However, days at home can be spent productively while mixing fun with learning. I’ve teamed up with Liberty Insurance Ireland to bring you some great educational resources on the Internet to keep children entertained while learning new things or reinforcing the skills and knowledge acquired at school.
Online platforms to stimulate children’s learning
This is the official portal of the Department of Education and Skills for Irish education that covers the entire primary and secondary school stage. Its main objective is to support students, parents and teachers by offering a wide range of resources on topics that have been evaluated by experts and that are relevant to the study plans. Parents can choose the educational level, the subject and even refine the search by specific topics. You’ll find everything from interactive worksheets that you can print to multimedia content. 
This MIT Media Lab project is available to children free of charge. On this platform, children can programme their interactive stories, games and animations, making it ideal for stimulating creativity, logical thinking and collaborative work skills. It is specifically designed for children aged between 8 and 16 years old, but it also has a simplified version, ScratchJr,for children aged 5 to 7 years. Kids can explore community-created projects to find inspiration and watch step-by-step tutorials to bring their own ideas to life.

This platform, which is available in different languages, contains more than 525,000 educational resources created by teachers. Many of its contents are designed to facilitate children’s learning, but there is also no shortage of educational games. It includes many specific activities to help children achieve the goals of the Irish curriculum, from preschool through sixth grade. It covers all the basic teaching subjects and provides additional interactive resources designed for children to make the most of the lessons.
New York Public Library
 You don’t need to live in New York to enjoy its library. This system has created remote learning resources for children and teenagers that include video readings and practical tests. The information is organised by grades to make it easier for parents to navigate it and quickly find the content that best suits the age of their children. You can find everything from story readings for the little ones to interesting readings for older kids.
This online learning platform is tailored for families, so parents can use it to create a personalised learning plan and assign homework every day to their children. It mainly contains mathematics and English activities adapted to the different levels of child development, from the simplest to the most complex levels, so that each child can learn at their own pace. You’ll find everything from basic exercises that help the littlest ones learn how to count, to linear functions and permutations for adolescents.
Club SciKidz
Designed to stimulate practical science projects, it includes daily lessons, activities and fun projects for children with which they can develop their full potential. Focused on children and teenagers of the primary and secondary school level, it offers projects in chemistry, physics, astronomy and other scientific disciplines that can be carried out at home. It provides many ideas that are explained through highly informative videos, ranging from building cars with Lego blocks powered by the wind to experiments which help to understand the phenomenon of refraction. 
BP Educational Service
Designed to satisfy children’s enormous curiosity, this platform contains freely available resources to support learning at home. It contains challenges for children aged 4 years old and older that will encourage them to apply their knowledge of forces, materials and circuits. For the older kids, there are more complex exercises that address topics such as climate change or the analysis of atoms and elements. On this platform, children can also learn about important people in science, such as Marie Curie and Isaac Newton.
CrayolaScience isn’t the only important subject. Children need a comprehensive education that includes art, in which case this platform will come to your rescue, offering step-by-step guides with which you can create beautiful crafts and bring your artistic projects to life. To facilitate its use, parents can search for projects according to what materials they have at home, as well as filter the results depending on the child’s age. You can find options for all ages, from the littlest ones at home to teenagers. There are also free drawings that you can print for your children to colour, and for the older children, there is a section with explanations of different painting and modelling techniques. 
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