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Enjoying a Little 'me Time' at Disney World

Posted on the 18 March 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Did you know that Walt Disney World has spas? Because I certainly didn't. I think it had just never occurred to me that Disney World would have things like spas for adults, I guess I'd just always thought of Disney World as being somewhere to go and have endless amounts of fun and create amazing memories with the kids. 
But Disney World surprised me with how much it has to offer adults. Adam and I took a trip to The Senses Disney Spa at the Grand Floridian (which is unbelievably, off of the charts, nice!) as we had the boys Grandma with us. It was amazing to go and have that time out for us as a couple, but equally I feel like it would have been just as nice for any Mum or Dad to go and have a little 'me time' alone, if they didn't have that extra pair of hands with them. 
Senses Spa Disney World, Adults at Disney World, Disney World
When you go to Disney World - you want to make the most of it! You want to cram in as much as you possibly can, it's one of the best experiences of your life. But doing it all, can be tiring and just having a bit of a rest and relax at a Disney spa and having someone look after YOU for a while is literally the best. I had the most amazing massage at The Senses Spa and honestly since I've been home I've had next to no pain from my usual scoliosis condition - whatever the lady did to my back in Disney, I need some more of it in my life! 
Senses Spa Disney World
Senses Spa Disney WorldGrand Floridian Disney World
After my massage I had a dip in the pool and a chance to go in the sauna and have a hot or cool drink and some complimentary chocolate too. After that I was called in for my facial, which was absolutely heavenly. It's hard to explain how nice it was to put my feet up for a while and invest in a little time for myself. The Senses Spa was amazing - it was such a fantastic experience being in a spa, being pampered, whilst in Disney World. I remember thinking to myself, 'What could possibly top this?' Do bear in mind though, if you're thinking of checking out the spas yourself, that on top of the cost of any treatments you have at the Spa, you are expected to pay a tip. Just something to keep in mind when you book! To book a treatment at the Senses spa go here, where you'll find the contact number for reservations.
Asides from hitting the spa, there's other ways that adults visiting Disney World can get themselves a little 'me time'. There's the shopping at Disney Springs, though beware - it's sort of addictive, I had to drag myself out of shops to avoid emptying my purse completely. There's so many amazing things you can purchase in Disney World. Here's our Disney World haul showing some of the things we brought home from our trip. 
Disney Springs Shopping, Disney World
If you're at Disney World as a couple, or the kids are asleep in the pram, they you can enjoy a romantic stroll on boardwalk followed by watching the Epcot fireworks from afar. There are carriage rides and even a hot air balloon ride that you can take over Disney Springs. One of my favorite experiences was the amphicar ride that we took in Disney Springs at The Boathouse restaurant. We got to be driven around the lake at night - IN A CAR! Honestly, it was just an AMAZING experience. I sat in the car in the water, looking out over Disney Springs at night, watching the fireworks in the distance, thinking 'Is this even real?'. It was THAT good. 
Hot air balloon ride Disney WorldAmphicar, Amphicar Disney Springs, The Boathouse Disney, Disney WorldAmphicar, Amphicar Disney Springs, The Boathouse Disney, Disney WorldAmphicar, Amphicar Disney Springs, The Boathouse Disney, Disney WorldThe amazing Amphicar ride at The Boathouse restaurant, Disney Springs. Tickets for the Amphicars are available inside the Boathouse with reservations starting later in May. To find out more about the Amphicar experience go here.  
During one of the days that we were at Disney World, Adam and I went off together in Epcot for half an hour whilst my mother-in-law watched the boys. We went over to ride Test Track (which was amazing!) and as we were walking to and from the ride, we spoke about how whilst Disney World is the absolutely most perfect place to be at as family, it would also make the most amazing trip as a couple. I think that's the thing with Disney World - it just has something to offer everyone, regardless of age.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, PhotoPass, Disney World Getting our photo snapped outside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad using PhotoPass.
Cocktails Disney, Disney World, Art of Animation,
P.S. Whilst you're there, pick yourself up a cocktail. We got ours from the pool area at our resort (Art of Animation) and oh my, they were SO nice! (Not all three were mine - although I so wish they had have been). ;)

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Enjoying a little 'me time' at Disney World
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