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Entertaining is Easy with the Philips Airfryer XXL

Posted on the 07 December 2018 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog
Entertaining is easy with the Philips Airfryer XXL

What type of things have I been cooking?

  • Cakes - Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Blueberry and Orange & Poppy Seed Pound Cake
  • Cupcakes - Chocolate and Vanilla
  • Roast Chicken and Salad
  • Steak and Vegetables
  • Sausages and Lamb Chops


Cakes are super simple to cook in the airfryer.

I've made it even more easy and used packet mixes from the supermarket (You can make from scratch or use packet mixes)


* Make the cake mixture
* Grease cake tin with a little butter or oil
* Pour mixture into tin
* Set airfryer to cake setting, 180 degrees for 28 mins
* Leave to cook for the full 28 minutes and then wait till the airfryer beeps to tell you it is all done.
* Once all cooked, take out of the airfryer carefully as it will be extremely hot (make sure to have an oven mitt to take out without burning yourself)
* Leave for a bit and then take out of tin to cool on cooling rack.
* Once cool, ice and decorate or serve warm with ice-cream.


  • Mix cake mixture
  • Fill 2/3 full in silicone mold
  • 120 degrees for 22 minutes on the cake setting (Cake setting defaults to 180 so just press the temp icon and change it to suit)
  • Cook for the required time limit
  • Once cooked take out and allow to cool
  • The cupcakes will come out easily of the silicone molds and you will not need butter or oil in them (So this is even better)

Steak and Vegetables

Cooking steak and vegetables in the airfryer is so quick and easy. I've been amazed at how well it cooks steak and in fact any meat, it seems to keep the meat so moist.

Ingredients Marinade

Soy Sauce and Honey - I added a tablespoon of honey and a good splash of soy.

Entertaining is easy with the Philips Airfryer XXL Method
  • Cut up the carrots and potatoes roughly, small enough to cook quickly and be like bite sized chip sizes.
  • Put carrots and potatoes in a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Mix so that all vegetables have the oil on them.
  • Add a tablespoon of chilli flakes and a tablespoon of Italian herbs. Mix well together.
  • Add the vegetables to the airfryer basket.
  • Put airfryer on the M (Mixed Setting)
  • Set temperature for 200 degrees and cook for 20 minutes. Make sure to stop at the 10-minute mark to stir and to make sure that they are cooking okay. If you don't like your veggies crispy you might want to take them out at the 10-minute mark.
  • Once the veggies have completed the second 10 minutes of cooking time, take them out and keep warm.
  • Now make up the marinade if you haven't done so already. Once the honey and soy marinade is complete put in the steaks so that they can be fully coated with the marinade.
  • Put the steaks in the airfryer basket
  • Set the airfryer to the meat preset
  • Set temperature to 180 degrees and cook for 12 minutes. No need to stop to turn over, just let the meat cook.

Sausages and chops

Before I cooked the Steak and Vegetables, I did lamb chops and sausages for the kids' dinner.

It was very simple and very quick. I just had to clean up the tray and basket before I cooked the steak and veggies.

Note: Before I cooked the sausages and chops, I sprayed the basket with a little bit of olive oil.

The following went into the airfryer:

They were cooked at 200 degrees on the meat setting for 12 minutes.

Roast Chicken and Salad

I saw the roast chicken recipe video on the Philips website and wanted to give it a go. I did mine with a twist, I purchased an already marinated and stuffed chicken from the supermarket.

However, my chicken was a little bigger than it should have been so was lucky that it fit okay into the airfryer. My chicken was 1.7kg and I was hoping to get a chicken that was 1.5kg at the biggest or maybe 1.2kg but the smallest was 1.7kg at the shops. It didn't look that big, so I gave it a go.


1 whole chicken either marinated and stuffed by others or you can create your own.

Salad - I picked up a salad kit at the supermarket to make dinner even easier.

You can add vegetables, rice or other things to the chicken if you don't want salad.

  • Spray the airfryer tray with some olive oil
  • Add the chicken to the airfryer tray
  • Set the airfryer to 180 degrees and choose the poultry setting
  • Cook for 60 minutes

I've previously made Homemade Chips and hubby wanted to give the airfryer a go and made Lamb chops & vegetables with rice.

Entertaining is so easy with the Philips Airfryer XXL. You will create some super yummy and tasty meals and impress your family and friends.

Another benefit is that the airfryer uses less oil and is a healthier way to cook, with up to 90% less fat. Plus, it is a super quick way to create some family favourites.

Find more recipes with the Philips Airfryer App, available at the and on Google Play

You can also see further recipes at the Philips Chef website.

More Airfryer recipes and ideas on the blog soon!

Do you have an airfryer? What is the best recipe you have created in yours? Share so we can all try your delicious recipes.

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