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Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update

Posted on the 17 June 2013 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Dear Ethan
Two months ago today you came into our lives. Our little angel.
You will never know how much you have lit up my life. The happiness you have brought to me is just indescribable.
Our bond grows stronger everyday, I just want to spend every second with you forever more.
I feel like you have grown up so much already, you've gone from a newborn to a little boy even at just 2 months. I love you damn much.
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
You have now grown into so many of your actual clothes, you only wear baby grows for bedtime now. At 7 weeks you were able to wear some of your 3-6 months clothes, you are a big boy! A lot of the things you wore as a newborn you have grown out of so they will be going into a box and up in the attic for when you hopefully have a little brother or sister :)
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby UpdateEthan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
HealthYou are suffering a lot with reflux which is where you bring up milk/sick after every bottle, usually it's quite a lot of milk/sick. We hold you upright after every bottle if we can to help it and you're now on infant Gaviscon which just goes into your bottle, you don't even knows it's there.
Sorry to embarrass you, but you suffer with constipation and only go every 2-2 and half days, this is  probably because you're bottle fed. We try and give you cool boiled water but you are not fooled easily and you know that it's not your usual bot.
You started teething at 6 weeks, this is incredibly early. I feel bad for you sometimes because you can't hold a teether yet, so instead you chomp on Mummy's finger, which seems to help. We also use teething gel and dummys. People always think I'm making it up about your teething because it's so early but I do try and tell them that you're a super-baby!
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby UpdateFeeding
Ah your favorite thing to do {after cuddling Mummy} is have your bot!
You drink 150ml every 3 hours, I swear you have an internal alarm that goes off silently because you seem to know exactly when 3 hours have gone by! You were on Aptamil for a while, to see if it helped with your constipation but it didn't so you're now back to Cow and Gate.
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
You are so much more awake these days {during the day}. You are so alert compared to your first month. You sleep well at night. You have started to like your crib, but often you find your way in to bed in between Mum and Dad for a cuddle and a snooze around 5am until Mummy gets up. I know I shouldn't but I can't help it, you're too cute and I like snuggling you. You have slept through the night on some occasions. But you usually go to bed at 11pm and wake up around 5am then around 8am. You like falling asleep on Mum or Dads shoulder, you really don't like it when we lay you on your back, but you're not keep on tummy time either. I think you just like being held by us upright.
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
  • Teething! 
  • Smiles! You smile all of the time and it melts my heart. I can't describe how happy your smile makes me!
  • Trying to communicate! You try and talk to Mum and Dad, you say 'A-goo', 'Gee' and 'Gah'! {You love the G's}. You really are trying to tell us something.
  • Noticing the cats. You have started looking at the cats which makes me smile. 
  • Pushing down on your feet. You love it when we hold you upright and you can push down on your feet. I think you want to be able to walk already! 
  • Being social. You love people, you love being fussed by your family and you smile at random people like the other Mums at the post-natal group and the Doctor. You're going to be a social butterfly. 
  • Watching TV. I don't know if you are or not but it looks like it sometimes, Futurama and Despicable Me have both caught your attention.
  • First Immunisations. This was so traumatic for both of us. I would rather give birth again then take you for your second lot. It was awful to see you so upset and drowsy and you bled all over your clothes and my top. :(

Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
Things you like
  • Being in the bath!
  • The hoover noise
  • The car when it's moving
  • Being pushed in your pram
  • Being cuddled constantly
  • Teething gel {you like to lick it when I'm trying to put it on your gums!}
  • Your bots {obviously}.
  • Mummy sticking her tongue out at you
  • Studying Mummy's face and pulling my hair
  • People fussing you
  • Smiling!
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby UpdateEthan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
Ethan: 2 Month Old Baby Update
I love you so much Pumpkin!
Love, Mummy xxxxxxxxx
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