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Ethan, Happy Third Birthday Sweetheart!

Posted on the 17 April 2016 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
My little baby, now you are three. You're not such a baby anymore, but equally you are still my baby and you always will be. 
Ethan, Happy Third Birthday Sweetheart!
I remember when I found out I was pregnant with you, I'd been feeling unwell at work. I hadn't suspected I was pregnant - though I wanted to be. Your Daddy and I had wanted to fall pregnant with you for a few months, but we kept getting negative tests and so I pushed the idea from the front of my mind for a while as not to feel disappointed each month.
My friend and colleague, on seeing how rough I was feeling, was the one that suggested that I should maybe take a pregnancy test after I finished work. She must have very good instincts because a cheap pregnancy test that your Dad picked up on the way home from his work showed us the little lines that said our lives were going to change forever. We both grinned from ear to ear when we saw that positive test, though Mummy being the worrier that she is insisted that we out immediately and brought a more expensive test 'just to be sure'. 
The second test confirmed it - two weeks before your Daddy and I got married to each other, a new chapter of our lives had begun - we were going to be parents - to you, our sweet little Ethan. 
We waited excitedly for you, counting down the weeks as they went past, watching my stomach grow, counting your kicks and playing you music by holding Daddy's phone up to my belly. We set dates to buy new things for you, the pram, the cot, the outfits, the tiny size-one nappies. We decorated your room together and made it as perfect as we could. I overpacked my hospital bag (as most first time Mummies-to-be do).
And then on the 17th April 2013 there you were. After an entire day of contractions and being in hospital - you were born in to the world. Our first baby. Our little boy. We were no longer just 'Alex and Adam', we were also 'Mummy and Daddy'.
And now we've been Mummy and Daddy for three whole years and our lives really did change. We've never felt so alive. So content. So happy. You and your brother give us so much more of a purpose. We've created the most wonderful memories and they're not all the big moments, they're the little ordinary, everyday moments too, like tickles before bedtime and watching you run around the park with other children - seeing your confidence grow as you learn how to be your own little person.
Ethan you're loved more than you will ever know. You keep being you my darling.
Happy third birthday sweetheart.  I love you to the moon and back again.
All my love, Mummy. xxxxx
Ethan, Happy Third Birthday Sweetheart!
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