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Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin with Special Flower Fragrance

Posted on the 09 June 2020 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog

Winter is upon us and it was like it knew it and hit with a vengeance. From June the 1st we have had icy temperatures and winds and just very cold days and nights.

You would think that living in the Blue Mountains has made me love the cold and winters but that is so very wrong, I long for the summer days and the warm weather and to keep happy during this freezing time I am happier with toasty warm feet, a roaring fire and a nice warm drink to keep my super warm.

I was very pleased when UGG Express sent me some of their new Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin's to test out, and boy did it come at just the right time (My feet were pleased about this new addition to my wardrobe)

There are a number of bright colours to pick from and I for one normally go for black or blue, however this time I wanted to inject some colour into my world.

Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin with Special Flower Fragrance

I was tossing up between red or purple but decided upon the purple - am more partial to blues and thought that the purple would go with my PJ's, loungewear, and of course jeans.

When sent my request for the purple UGG Moccasin I thought it would be a bright and vibrant colour, when the shoes arrived I was eager to see the stunning colour and to try them out, however, I was relieved that they were not neon purple and a nice shade that goes with my other clothing.

My normal shoe size is 7 and a half, and lately, it seems that no one makes a half size shoe. Due to not being able to get exact I always opt for the size 8 for my feet as I believe that this will give adequate room. I am not sure if it is just due to the moccasins being new and possibly my feet being a bit swollen but I have found them to be rather tight. However, after a while of wearing my new Purple UGG's I have noticed that they are giving a little bit. I am not sure if I need the next size up or just to wear them more and break them in.

While wearing my new snazzy Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin's I have found that my feet stay so warm and it is like I am walking on a cushion of wool and air.

I live in a very cold place and lately, it is getting colder and colder by the day, and of course, my feet without shoes or socks get ice cold and therefore my whole body becomes freezing.

My Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin has been a savior to ensure that my whole body is not an ice block and allows me to wear comfortable shoes inside the house and look fabulous too.

The moccasins have a great grip rubber sole that means that you will never slip or fall over while wearing them...well I have been super impressed and with a four-year-old playing and tumbling I have been able to grip to the floor and make sure that my tootsies are comfortable to boot!

My new UGG Moccasins come with a subtle fragrance of lavender, I was worried at first if this would overpowering but it is just a hint of lavender and makes the shoes smell nice even after you have been wearing them for a while.

If you are looking for a gift for mum, your wife, girlfriend, or anyone then these amazingly warm and comfortable Ever UGG Miracle Moccasin with Special Flower Fragrance would be perfect.

They are now priced at $50 and used to be $129, so that is a $79 saving.

What did I think?

  • A little snug at first but starts to loosen up (I would love to see what the size 9 feels like but happy with my purple shoes - make sure to measure your feet to ensure you get the best fit)
  • Love the bright colours
  • The wool inside makes it super soft and comfortable and my feet are always so warm
  • The bottom of the shoe has a great grip for a moccasin and since I live somewhere wet and cold this is great for the Blue Mountains.
  • I would recommend them to friends and family as they are stylish and keep your feet warm.

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