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Every Kitchen Should Have These!

Posted on the 20 October 2013 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog

I've never been a 'cook', it's just not me. Following instructions is not my strong point. I love to eat and I want to be a good cook, I really do. So I'm trying and to help me on my way I think naturally it's a good idea to have some great kitchen products to give me that 'inspiration'. Here's three kitchen products that I think every kitchen needs!
Every Kitchen should Have These!
1. This Pop-up cookbook or tablet holder is a fantastic tool for new cooks like me, who will be using cook books quite regularly. I'd found before owning this that either my page would close or that it would get covered in food splatters and such. It can also be used with a tablet such as an iPad if preferred. The stand will even fold away for easy storage. I think that it's a brilliant idea and love mine! Price: £20
Every Kitchen should Have These!
2. I love love love this rotating spice organiser. When we started 'proper' cooking, we suddenly started acquiring spices and with no where for them to go we decided it was time to invest in a spice rack. This one is fabulous purely because of it's rotating feature and the fact that it fits so much onto it! We actually keep this in our cupboard where it fits perfectly and looks so modern. I love that we can reach in and get what we want without everything falling over. This really is awesome and so good for the price of £15.30.
Every Kitchen should Have These!
3. Last but not least, is this box grater. The complete idea of it is amazing - I'm a clean freak and though sometimes I may feel like eating a cheese and tomato sandwich the thought of the mess of the grated cheese everywhere (I only like it grated) puts me off but with this that worry is no more. I can grate away with nearly no mess made at all! I can even measure how much cheese I've used by using the measurements on the box which also comes with it's own little lid. The whole product is of the best quality and you can really feel that compared to an old grater like we had. The non slip rings and the comfy handles make all the difference, I just can't believe that I didn't own this sooner! It's priced at £15.30 and is so worth it!
All of the above products are from OXO. OXO products are available at many retailers across the UK, you can find your nearest at www.oxouk.com then use the 'Store Locator' tab if you are interested in purchasing any of these products.

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