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F is for Fruitful

Posted on the 06 April 2013 by Realityarts @realityarts

F is for FruitfulThe shall be known by their fruit....Matthew 7:16
When we think of fruit we understand that it is the end result of a period of growth for the plant, and we can grow to expect it, I know that come July the plum tree in my garden will bear fruit, but it is not ready to pick until around mid august.Outside influences can have an effect on my fruit such as the weather, birds that get to them before they are picked, pests, or lack of nutrition.
The fruit go on to have a cycle, plum pie, jam and other tasty treats and the seeds tossed in the composting bin or replanted in pots, if they are eaten by the birds the seeds will be carried far and wide to either grow elsewhere or not if they fall on stony ground.They can fall from the tree and try and grow on the grass, but will meet an unfortunate end when Alan mows the grass.The best hope for the plum tree is that the seeds are taken to new environments and fall on good ground to begin their lifecycle again.
Each year I expect plums and I get plums!The tree doesn’t surprise me one year and give oranges – though that would make a tasty change.I celebrate today that I can work on my creativity, that I will be known by my fruit – the positive and encouraging words that I can share with others.We can have an impact on the world in many ways; let our lives impact on generations to come in a positive way. With all that you are currently doing in your life, what does your fruit look like?
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