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Fall, Welcome Home!

Posted on the 01 October 2011 by F.b.c.reations @fbcreations

I used to love, adore, live for summer: the beach, the ocean, the al fresco dinners, vacation. BUT, I then used to live in Tuscany, the Italian Riviera, where everything is at its best (always, just sayin’) in summer. For example overlooking the lake waiting for an open air Madama Butterfly.

fall, welcome home!

NOW I hate summer, the heat, the humidity, the masses aggressively invading the beaches, the hurricanes.

Yes, I have changed continent, and down in the Southern Riviera all is glamorous only in the fall and the winter. 

BUT they are not the regular seasons, there are no foliage, mushrooms, snow, fireplaces, chestnuts. Or, for example, waking up, opening the window to the vineyards ready for harvesting in September.

fall, welcome home!

Yes, Halloween, pumpkins, corn, Thanksgiving all  is very inspiring but in Miami fall looks like this …

fall, welcome home!


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