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Fan of The Walking Dead? Check These Out!

Posted on the 01 February 2014 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
My hard-working Husband, Adam, works full time but also runs a side business buying and selling Lego on eBay. It started off with just selling enough to cover the costs of his own growing Lego collection but it's become pretty successful and it's a daily job now that we mostly do together throughout our evenings when Ethan goes to bed.
Recently my Husband came up with a bit of a great idea - to start building his own custom minifigures based on popular characters from TV series to films etc etc. He put together a Lego Gondor Solider from The Lord of The Rings trilogy and then a Lego Demon Hunter from Diablo (and as an avatar for his business - which he's called Demonhunter Bricks). And then most recently these (brilliant, if I do say so myself) Lego The Walking Dead characters from the popular TV series. Which I just couldn't resist sharing on my blog with you!

Lego The Walking Dead..

Lego Rick The Walking Dead, Custom Lego, Walking Dead Lego, Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes Lego, Lego BlogLego Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead +
Lego The Governor, The Governor Lego, Custom Lego, Walking Dead Lego, Philip Blake, The Governor, The Walking Dead, , Lego Blog
+ Lego The Governor from The Walking Dead +
Lego Daryl The Walking Dead, Custom Lego, Walking Dead Lego, Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead, Daryl Dixon Lego, Lego Blog+ Lego Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead +
Lego Michonne, Custom Lego, Walking Dead Lego, Michonne, The Walking Dead, Michonne Lego, Lego BlogLego Michonne from The Walking Dead +
If you're a huge fan of The Walking Dead like we are, I'd love to know what you think of them? 
All minifigures are available to purchase over at My Husbands Lego eBay store. He has also just started up his own Lego blog which you can find >here< and he's just started up on Twitter @demon_bricks and Instagram demonhunter_bricks so if you're feeling kind please do hop along to his social media networks to show him a little support as we'd be forever grateful. Thank you :) x
Fan of The Walking Dead? Check these Out!

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