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Fat Shaming? REALLY?

Posted on the 15 April 2018 by Skip1957 @skip1957
Well so far I made it to 60 years old, soon 61. most of those years I was very active, got exercise, and looked after myself. It's all good, but now, I find myself gaining that gut we don't want, and worse of all, man boobs. What man wants fucking man boobs, they scare children, and confuse babies when I have my shirt off. 

Several years ago, I found out I have Emphysema, and the doc wanted me to start on puffers, well through experience, my step father had and died of emphysema, I saw that you can come dependant on puffers, so I've never used them. I'm not saying there haven't been times when I thought I could and should use them... but I never have. 

I also have arthritis, and bad at that. I'm not making excuses, so to speak, just letting you all know why I don't have a whole lot of exercising capabilities. So the little gut I developed over 60 years, not to mention it cost a lot to put there, I am not able to "easily" remove.

So lets get to the meat and potatoes of this all, although many should get to the veggies and no meat at all. 

When I see posts made by these fat ass bitches, and don't think I haven't seen fat ass guys as as well, when they come off with this fucking bullshit about being fat is fine, cause we all the same inside, we are beautiful... FUCK YOU! You're fucking fat, and there is no excuse besides you'd rather stuff your face, lay on your ass, and just take up space. 

You have no idea how much those statements above annoyed me, and I made them, because so many people are going by what the latest trends and looks are from HollyWierd... we must all be skinny as rake handles...but putting all those crazy fucks aside, come on, you're fat! Stop stuffing your faces, get some excercise, get out from behind your phones, your tablets, your laptops, and your desktops, and take a long walk. 

Stop making excuses for being fat. Stop telling others that it is fine to be fat. It is unhealthy, and kids start to believe that bullshit, and the average age for life is 75-80 years, now, thats going to drop like it was many years ago, and the average age is going to be 40-50 years... 

Image result for fat memesIf you don't have a medical problem causing you to retain weight, don't try to tell me it's alright to be fat, if you are walking down the road, and your ass cheeks are slapping together like applause, don't tell me it's alright to be fat... our bodies all change, but if you are between the ages of 12 and 40, and you need someone to help you tie your shoes, you're fat, you're not beautiful and you need to stop fucking eating like the world is running out of food... 


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