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“Favorite Things” Update: The Head and the Heart & NPR’s Newport Folk Festival Streaming

Posted on the 30 July 2012 by Maggiecarlise @MaggieCarlise

I had a revelation recently that my “Favorite Things (this week!)” section will most certainly be updated more regularly (like maybe actually every week, as I’d originally intended) if I stop trying to wait until I have a brand new update for each of my categories.  I think from now on, I’ll just make updates as I go, for whatever category I have one for.


MUSIC: The Head and the Heart

The more I listen to these guys, the more I like them. I’m not very good at classifying bands…but I suppose you’d call them “americana.”  I know that I like them most when they head into more “folk” territory, and less when they go more “country” – but they’re good regardless whatever they do.

After listening to them more carefully yesterday (see below!) I caught their lyrics more than I have before – and they’re really, REALLY good lyrically. I didn’t grasp that before. Now I really want to buy their album…like right now!

They played a new song during their Newport performance yesterday, called “Gone.” It was beautiful. So I hope that means they’re close to having another album – because I already foresee that one isn’t going to content me! (They’re really good.)

BLOGS/WEBSITES/FILM/VIDEO: NPR Music’s Newport Folk Festival streaming

If somebody had told me: “I’ll give you free tickets and free transportation and free lodging, as well as the perfect childcare, so you can be free as a bird and just totally enjoy yourself and immerse yourself in great music for a whole weekend…you just have to pick a music festival”, the choice would have been easy: it would have been the Newport Folk Festival.  Iron and Wine, First Aid Kit, The Head and the Heart, Jonathan Wilson, Conor Oberst, Ben Sollee…and those are just the ones I would have paid to see if there was nobody else at the show I cared about seeing!! But then throw in Wilco and My Morning Jacket and Dawes…and more!! And in Newport – a city I’ve never been to, but which I’d like to see!!

Unfortunately, nobody emerged to throw money and childcare in my direction!  And so I did not go to the Newport Folk Festival.

Which was probably for the best, I suppose.  I didn’t have anybody to go with me – and I imagine it’s a little lame (and not probably all that much fun, ultimately) to wander around a music festival alone.

But, thanks to NPR, I did get to vicariously experience at least some of it!  I had actually totally forgotten that it was this weekend, and I just happened upon NPR’s coverage by chance yesterday.  My kids were with their dad, and I had the day earmarked to do work…and it was the best day!  It was really fun to listen to this really great music, while I plowed through my work, taking work-breaks occasionally to watch some of the video stream.  Nice Sunday!

My only complaint is that I wish NPR had archived everything!  I would have liked to have seen (or at least listened) to Iron and Wine’s set from the day before.  But they did have First Aid Kit in the archive…and the Head and the Heart’s 2011 Newport performance.  (I also watched the Head and the Heart live via the video stream.  They were really good!)

So, check out the archived stuff if you get a chance! It’s totally worth it.

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