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Posted on the 09 October 2012 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

Remember these? Good, because that means you’re about as old as I am. I’m pretty sure I used to do these back in high school when your only form of communication with friends other than the phone was through Hotmail or MSN Messenger, and then again in Facebook “notes” where you would tag people. Sweet Christ, how lame was I?

Anyway, when I saw this posted on Jasmine’s blog, I couldn’t resist filling it out for old times’ sake. Because I’m nostalgic and all.

Here it goes, my favorite …

Clothing brand: I loooove lululemon’s sweaters for their warm and fuzziness and their pants for their comfort. But other than that, I have no brand preference.

Thing(s) to do: Hang out with my daughter and husband, sleep, go for walks on warm days.

Name: I don’t like sharing my favorite names, because they’re generally potential children names, and I hate name stealers, so I’m keeping them to myself :P

Trait of yours: Grammar nazi, although I’m a horrible proofreader.

Quote of the Moment: “Life is hard; It’s even harder when you’re stupid.” — John Wayne

Family member: Isla, definitely. And then Kyle, obviously. It’s pretty much a tie.

Grade you were/are in: The eleventy-billionth grade. Sheesh.

Color: YELLOW! Or purple. But mostly yellow.

Memory: It’s a toss-up between marrying Kyle and when Isla was finally born. I’d say it’s a tie.

Thing about the opposite sex: His arms and ridiculous ways of making me laugh out loud.

Electronics brand: Ones that don’t crap out after a few days of use.

Gift you got from someone: I’m pretty in love with my Kitchen Aid mixer right now, if that can be considered a gift.

Program on your computer: Photoshop, or Excel for its spreadsheety organzation.

Type of car or truck: I’d loooove a VW Touareg if I ever won the lottery. Love.

Phrase: ”Live, Love, Laugh”

School Subject: PE, and not because it was an excuse to sit on the bench and do nothing, because I rocked PE.

Age you were/are: What? 25 was a pretty good age for me I suppose – Got married, got pregnant, etc.

Teacher: Either my Grade 12 English teacher or my Grade 11/12 math teacher. Or our Foods & Nutrition teacher.

Number: 14

Fruit: Raspberries and strawberries.

Store: Costco! (Does that count as a store?)

Person: It’s again a tie between Isla and Kyle.


Holiday: Christmas – the only holiday I truly decorate for.

Day of the week: The ones where Kyle is off the next day.

Season: Definitely fall. I love the warm days and cooler nights.

Place: Anywhere in the sun

Movie: As sappy as it may sound, I love the Notebook. Not for Ryan Gosling or Rachel McAdams (though they are my favourites), but for the love story behind it.

T.V. Show: Grey’s Anatomy, although this season is testing me. I like Rookie Blue as well, and Big Bang Theory too.

Channel: I watch way too much TLC these days. Waaaay too much.

Book: Anything Emily Giffin

Book Gone Movie: Marley and Me. Will make me bawl every time.

Actor: Jason Statham. I could stare at him all. day. long.

Actress: Rachel McAdams

Talk Show: Ellen

Sport: To play: Slo-pitch or soccer. To watch: Hockey

Website: Pinterest. SO addicted!

Magazine: I don’t read too many magazines these days! It used to be Cosmo, but it seems inappropriate now that I have a baby.

Board Game: Pictionary or Scattergories

Instant Messenger: She the front door – Do people still use instant messengers?

Food: Carbs – Pasta. Bread. Give it all to me.

Drink: 7-Up

Restaurant: Local: The Brownstone, Accolades or On the Rocks. Chain: Earls.

Non-Alcoholic Drink: Strawberry lemonade.

Type of Food: CARBS!

Meal: Pepper steak.

Person you know that cooks: My husband or my mom.

Alcoholic Drink: Caesars or Paralyzers.

Soda: 7-Up or Schweppes raspberry ginger ale.

Soda you think they should make: I really want Code Red Mountain Dew to be available back in Canada.

Water Flavour: Straight up on the rocks.

Music Genre: Whatever’s popular, as sad as that sounds.

Band: I’m quite loving the new No Doubt single.

Solo Artist: Bruno Mars, Adele.

Disney Channel singer: …

Song: Right now, “Stuck Like Glue” by Sugarland

Music Video: I don’t even know the last time I watched a music video I liked. But, the last one I watched was “Gangnam Style.”

Music Channel: MuchMore Music.

Song Lyrics: ”You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you and you’re beautiful.”

Song Title: Song 2

CD Cover:  Umm … Can’t say I’ve seen one of those in a while.

Music Store: I agree with Jasmine – iTunes is considered a store, right?

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