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February Flowers

Posted on the 11 March 2021 by Violetdaffodils
February FlowersAs I mentioned last month, I treated myself to some flowers for a little pick me up on the days when I felt my mood faltering. I had treated myself to a small bunch of daffodils and I must say I've noticed a big shift in my mood since. Whenever I feel a bit bleurgh I find my eyes automatically looking across to them displayed on the window sill and instantly I feel better. The original flowers lasted about 2 weeks maybe slightly more and then my Gran kindly bought me another bunch as a thank you for giving her hand with the shopping. This bunch is still going strong.February FlowersFebruary FlowersFebruary FlowersFebruary FlowersFebruary Flowers

With it coming up to Valentine's Day this month, I wanted to give myself another treat and found happiness in another bouquet of flowers. This time I went for these beautiful dark pink roses for £6 from Marks & Spencer again after they caught my eye on my latest food shopping trip with my Gran. Now in my past experiences with having roses, they have a tendency to wilt after only a few days but so far so good with these ones! I'm intrigued to see how long they keep for. I'll report back next month!

February FlowersFebruary Flowers
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