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February Goals

Posted on the 02 February 2014 by Klnelms @klanelms
February Goals

Well, we are into February, and I wanted to set some goals for myself and this blog.

Spend more time away from my cell phone.

Sure, as bloggers, we have this tendency to check our e-mail, and all forms of social media several times during the day.  And that's fine.  But where I notice I spend too much time is while I'm home with my husband.  I want my time to be enjoying my life with him instead of starting at my cell phone screen.  So I'm going to limit myself.  

Start a new cleaning routine.

My house isn't "messy" of "dirty" by most people's standards, but I'm not most people.  I'm OCD and there are some areas of my house I want to work on doing more organization and cleaning inside.  

Cook more.

Brian and I eat out a lot.  We are blessed to have parents' who like to take us out and feed us so we don't actually cook a lot of meals at home.  But I would like to get back to basics and do more cooking for each other, like we did while dating.

Work on my new business venture.

Some of you know, and some do not.  I am starting to do wedding planning on the side.  I need to work on promoting myself and getting my name out there.

Spend more time with Him.

I have loved the devotionals I took part in during the month of January, so I am looking forward to moving ahead with new ones.  I love my quiet time reading the Word.  It's a blessing for my soul.

Do you have goals set?

February Goals

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