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February, My Love.

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
All the people who blog have talked about one favorite month that they have. Most often than not, it is the month that they have their birthdays in or the month in which they tied the knot. My favorite month is February. Which is not my birthday month. It would be nice to have a wedding in February though! God, knock knock. Are you listening? For some reason, having a November birthday is not very comforting. The festive season in India is just finishing up, and the wedding season just starting, and thus in the middle of both exhaustion's madness, it is tough to bring on the excitement for my own birthday. The weather also is in-between sorts - the fall is over (definitely!), and the winter has still not arrived. Which leaves a lot of room (aka confusion) to pickup a sure-shot out-of-the-world birthday outfit. Anyhow, that's all about Why my own birthday month is not my favorite month. Let us talk about February, my best month of the year. 
  • It brings about my brother's birthday in the first week. Yeah, at this not-so-tender-age, I still wait for birthdays to dig into delicious cakes. 
  • Love is in the air. All the movie channels are playing love classics all days long, sometimes, on -repeat! I am a romantic inside-out when it comes to music and movies.
  • Flowers are blooming all around. The colors of Spring in Delhi are a welcome change to the fast life.
  • Its the shortest month of the year. If you are working, you know what working for two less days feels like.
  • In the calender, it is one of those insignificant months with no big festival, or national holiday when I am being double checked for security at any of the public places. If you stay in Delhi, you know what I mean?! Look at the security right before Republic Day/Independence Day celebrations, and how much it adds to traffic, and affects day-to-day activities.
  • The Sale season is still On, in case you missed those flat knee length boots - you can buy them Now for the next season. :P  I am, but a woman!

Btw, the Shopping Ban begins today. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Will I make it successfully is one question I have playing on my mind, what do you think?

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