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Posted on the 18 September 2015 by Miscriant @miscriant
At the end of our first week in Kalkan, we drove Mum and Dad to the airport, and then decided to stop off for a bite to eat in Fethiya on the way back.
FethiyaFethiya is a fishing town that definitely feels like it has recently had a tourism hike, although, like Kalkan, it is in no way as touristy as Mediterranean centers in Spain and Portugal.  Dad had recommended that we head to the fish market where he promised that they would allow us to choose our fish and then seat us at a table while it was cooked up before us.  This sounded like a wonderful idea, so we came up with the simple plan to drop my folks off at the airport at about 8pm ready for their flight back to the UK and then drive to Fethiya for a simple supper.
It would have worked too, if we hadn't gotten hopelessly lost trying to get to Fethiya (the signs just stopped and we ended up guessing which direction we needed to head in) and ending up miles away.  By the time we made it, the market had closed for the day so instead we (un)graciously admitted defeat and went for a stroll to stretch our legs along the harbor front, admiring the boats and the sunset.
FethiyaFethiya is a very pretty area, and you got the feeling that later on it would become very lively as the locals clocked off and rocked up to unwind in the bars and restaurants that littered the harbor front.  Neon colours blazed out over the bay and many of the restaurants featured little rivers or pools looping around the front.
FethiyaIn one bar a bunch of young local boys and girls were cheering on the Turkish football team in front of a giant screen set up outside whilst in others couples sat outside smoking shisha pipes and talking quietly.  There were also children's parties set up in the many restaurants facing out over the bay.
FethiyaThe boardwalk was packed full of local Turkish people enjoying the early evening breeze and there were a multitude of places to stop and indulge in a cocktail or three, turning your back on the world and gazing out over the water.
FethiyaFethiyaWe didn't linger too long as we knew we still had a good couple of hours of getting lost in front of us (we didn't get back until midnight, at which point we ordered a pizza).  Next time we return though, we will make sure we get to Fethiya in time for the fish market restaurants.
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