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Five Personal Gift Ideas To Show Them You’re Thinking Of Them

Posted on the 07 January 2021 by Sparklesandstretchmarks @raine_fairy
Five Personal Gift Ideas To Show Them You’re Thinking Of Them

After the holidays, inspiration for the perfect gift can be a little hard to come by. After all, we all put a lot of extra effort in over the past year to make sure that our friends and loved ones knew how important they are to us as we spent the holiday season catching up with them on video calls instead of over dinner, and going the extra mile to make it special.

However, in the months ahead, it is going to be just as important to make sure that we continue to remind the people who mean the most to us that they are, well, the people who mean the most to us, and one of the best ways to do that is with a gift that speaks to how well you know them. While there is certainly nothing wrong with a gift voucher, it doesn’t exactly tell the recipient that you know exactly what they like and what they would appreciate. So, with that in mind, here are a few gift ideas to help you get started and to show the ones who are closest to you that a little distance is never going to separate you.

A Special Edition Of A Childhood Favourite

Over the course of last year, many of us found ourselves returning to old childhood favourites, whether it was a movie, a TV series or a book. For those bookworms who are happiest when they’re curled up somewhere comfy with a good story, a gift to consider is a beautiful edition of one of their old favourites. Companies like The Folio Society have been putting out classic novels and non-fiction with gorgeous binding, so you can give them a copy that they won’t lose track of this time! If your favorite bookworm is a little younger, then you can encourage their love of reading with a personalised story of their very own. Whether you want to give them a thrilling adventure or soothe them with a lovely bed time story, you can put them at the center of their own novel.

A Personalised Food And Drink Hamper

You might think that food and drink gifts would be the last thing on anyone’s minds after the holiday season. However, the next few months are going to be extremely hard for a lot of people and it is going to be very important to allow ourselves a few creature comforts, and to not punish ourselves for enjoying them. If you have a friend or loved one who’s particularly partial to say, locally brewed real ale or meats and cheese from a specific region, then this is a great time to help local businesses by buying a hand-picked selection of your favourite’s favourites. And, if you know that they are trying to shed a little of the extra winter weight we have all found ourselves with as part of their resolutions for the new year, then why not think about getting them a fruit and vegetable box from a local greengrocer? You can pick out their favourites (and leave out the no-go options, we know that some people just can’t get on board with sprouts), and set them on the path to cooking up a storm.

Personalised Jewellery And Nomination Charms

Now, here’s a personalised gift that never goes out of style. We are all in need of a little bit of extra sparkle and shine this month, with its short days and endless rain, and there’s really nothing like the gift of a piece of jewelry that has been given that special piece of personalised magic. If you have never given, or indeed received, a piece of nomination jewellery before then you may not be aware of just how versatile they can be, and how broad the range of choices is. It can be as simple as having a name engraved, you can highlight treasured heritage with a flag, and you can include a personalised message that speaks to the bond that you share. From the materials all the way down to the font, the beauty of this gift is that you really can make it your own, to make it their own. To see some examples and get some inspiration, Mococo has a beautiful selection of nomination charms on their website and with nearly 15 years in the jewellery business, they want their service to be as personal as the gifts that you are sending.

Give Them The Perfect Bunch Of Flowers

Of course, this may not seem like the most radical idea, but who among us did not have their day brightened by the unexpected arrival of a bunch of flowers at some point over the last year? Remember how much of a difference such a seemingly simple gesture made, how it reminded you that someone was thinking about you and wanted to make you feel special. There is nothing like getting a bunch of the flowers that you love, and frankly, giving them is a pretty fantastic feeling too. Given that we cannot go and see so many of the people that we care about right now, knowing that you have brought a burst of color to their homes (and their days) might just be the next best thing. You can also help support local businesses by searching for a shop near them, rather than heading straight for the obvious online sites. Also: one of the great things about sending a bunch of flowers to a loved one? They might just send you one back!

Treat Them To Some Skin Care

Of all the many different problems that we have all had to come to terms with over the last twelve months, one of the most boring yet persistent has to be skin care. We have all got a lot better at washing our hands and applying hand sanitiser, but it has certainly taken its toll on the skin! We are all tightening our belts when it comes to unnecessary spending, so if you’re looking for a way to really treat that special someone, a hand-picked selection of skin care items that they might normally deny themselves is really a great way to make them feel special and cared for.   

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