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Folding Clothes Made Easier: Clothes Folder: Product Review

Posted on the 03 April 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco

Clothes folder

Clothes folder

Have you also bought one of these when the hype of this item in the market was at its peak? Well, I did. I actually bought it for my mother or our helper to make in anyway folding clothes more convenient. Not knowing that I actually bought it in advance for myself to use years after haha! Watching the actual video on how this item was used before (creating my original version at the bottom) was so mesmerizing really that made me think, "Is folding clothes really that hard that they even made such an item to make it more easier?" So as a small confession, yes, I nor my brothers did not do our own laundries back then until recently that I have to do it for quite sometime because our helper needs to take a short break. Mom couldn't find a replacement in time and I was the only one who is available to help at the house on those moments.
So appreciation on things occur and for this matter on folding clothes.. It is not that easy really when you are not used to on doing it in a regular basis. There are different ways on folding them depending on the kind. Well, as per my experience, I have a hard time folding the big loose ones and the cardigan tops. One time, I was even on the verge on telling my brother to stop using one of his cardigan jacket because I kept seeing it in the laundry every other day lol. Now I understand why sometimes I can hear some people say "Ikaw kaya mag laba, ang hirap kaya i-tupi niyan".
And with that thoughts, lets answer 4 different questions on the last part of this post:
1. Who are willing to use it in the end?2. Did it really served its main purpose which is to make folding easier?3. What are its pros and cons?4. Is it really practical?
Honestly, I already forgot how much I bought this one but I am pretty sure it was not that expensive. The item is still intact and pretty much in great shape after all those years that had gone by. As far as I remember upon seeing the actual product, I knew that it will really last and possibly can be used on more things other than folding. So as of now it is really a good buy.
Lets go and use the product now:
1. Lay the clothes folder in a flat surface

The clothes folder

Step 1

2.. Put a garment over of it, centered. (Head opening on the top part - front side below)

Step 2 - Clothes folder

Step 2

 (If the bottom part is longer than the item, fold it inwards)

Step 3 - Clothes folder

Step 3

3.  Flip all the sides towards the body (center), until you reach the ideal fold

Step 4 - Clothes folder

Step 4

Step 5 - Clothes folder

Step 5

And that is it. Sounds easy right? But actually it is harder to do than it looks. The flipping is easy but the hard part for me in the process was placing the clothes at the correct position. Don't misunderstood me that it is that hard but what I am just saying is that it is not that easy than it looks especially on the first few trials. Well, you just  have to treat it like any other skill I guess, you need to get a hang of it before you can use it smoothly.
So answering the 4 questions above, here are the verdicts:
1. Who are willing to use it in the end?
Me. Haha! I actually represent the people in the population who don't fold clothes that often. My mother and our helper still prefer doing the traditional way of folding. It was in their system already and they are more comfortable doing it, I cannot argue with that.

Pile of folded clothes - Clothes folder

Pile of folded clothes

2. Did it really served its main purpose which is to make folding easier?
The answer to this question for me goes back to the first one which is are you willing to use the product? For my own sake, yes, it did because I don't fold clothes that fast and that neat before I knew this product. But if you were already comfortable enough folding the traditional way, I think it is the more viable option - unless you are still having a hard time doing it the old way.
3. What are its pros and cons? (aside from the given details above)
> It can be an alternative fun way to make folding clothes more interesting for others
> It produces quality neat folds since the surface of the product is smooth
> It needs a big flat surface to be able to perform the flips
4. Is it really practical?
My answer would be no, its not. It is actually a luxury or privilege to have one. But did it served me well? Of course it did. It actually depends on the situation or the purpose on why you'll buy one. If you are going to buy that for your helper or other persons who folds clothes regularly the old way, higher chances are that they will not use it. But if you bought it because you were curious about it or you bought it so others might be interested on folding clothes the different way, well, that is a good thing to do as it will raise the interest of you or them contributing to a house chore.
So how about you, what do you think? I prepared a video below for the visuals of this post. Hope it helps.

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