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Friday Night Gentlemen, It's On!

Posted on the 28 March 2014 by Violetdaffodils
Friday Night Gentlemen, It's On!Friday Night Gentlemen, It's On!Hello lovely people! :)After a week full of drama, I am back! I just want to thank you all for the support, the relative I mentioned is out of hospital and well again, WOO HOO! :)
Just before Uni finished for the summer I decided to purchase this little lovely from Topshop. I think kimonos are so beautiful to wear and are perfect for the summer when the air is not so cold on the evening to through over a dress or a top and jeans. I was drawn to this due to its gorgeous pattern and color. There is also a jumpsuit with the same pattern and material too which I'm in limbo about buying, obviously wouldn't wear them together because I think I'd look daft!
I think they are a key piece to any wardrobe as they fit any occasion. I've worn mine to meet friends for drinks and also with family having a meal at a restaurant but I can also see myself rockin' the 'mono on a lovely sunny day out or at a special event like an engagement party or a birthday night out too. Another fan of the 'mono is my Mother, as she has an obsession with anything oriental! I think I might have tempted her into buying the same one for herself, Haha! Twinnies! ;) Anyway I shall leave you all to see who else enjoys wearing his 'mono: Click
(New Girl fans will appreciate!)
Take care of yourselves!xxxxxxxxxxxx

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