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From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover

Posted on the 30 June 2012 by Nfldratheart @nfldratheart
From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover
It's been a while since I posted a from the stash post. But I haven't had a lot of time for sewing, until the last couple weeks. And I was so excited when Pip when down for his afternoon nap to be able to sew for a little bit. A while ago I shared some fabric that I bought, and thought would look cute as a changing pad cover. Recently I decided I was sick of staring a white while changing Pip, and found a few spare minutes to finally whip up this cover:
From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover
From the Stash: Changing Pad CoverSince it was rather simple. I thought I would share. First measure your changing pad across the top and the sides. Add the side measurement to the length and width across the top and then add another 2-3" to these measurements. Cut your fabric to the total length and width measurements, or in my case piece together scraps to make the size you are looking for.
From the Stash: Changing Pad CoverFold the fabric in half lengthwise, and then widthwise. Make sure the corners are perfectly lined up and then cut a 2"x2" square out of the corner. With right sides facing, sew the edges of the cut out squares together.
From the Stash: Changing Pad CoverI chose a bit of a shortcut for the edges of the pad. With the right side of the fabric down place a 1/4" elastic 3/8" from the edge of the fabric, fold the fabric over the elastic, and stretching the elastic out use a zig-zag stitch to hold the fabric and elastic in place. I chose to secure the elastic around the short ends and about 1/4 of the way up each of the long sides. You could go all the way around with the elastic if you wish. I did continue to fold the fabric and zig-zag stitch on the long sides.
From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover
From the Stash: Changing Pad CoverNow to make this babe friendly I used an iron-on vinyl to make it easy to wipe up messes. You can do this before the sewing, or once the cover is finished, I felt that it would be difficult to iron on the vinyl when the edges we elasticized, so I chose to iron it on after sewing my three pieces together. And as you can see in the bottom photo I added an embellishment stitch just for fun!
From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover
From the Stash: Changing Pad CoverSo those instructions were a little quick, if you have an questions feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you! We are loving this changing pad now, a little visual interest for mom and a super easy surface to clean for Pip (while the cleaning is for mom).
Have you created anything lately?
From the Stash: Changing Pad Cover

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