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Fun Days Out for a Little Me Time

Posted on the 03 August 2020 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
When you have a family, your life begins to revolve around them. This is understandable. Your partner, children and pets are likely to be the light of your life and you’re going to want the best for them at all times. You’re also going to want to spend a whole lot of your free time with them. This is why when it comes to planning adventures, many of us end up heading out on kid-oriented days out. But it’s important to remember to fit a little me-time into your schedule too! You’re an individual and you’ll need a little time alone every once in a while. This time can be used however you want. It could be used to relax and wind down, catch up with friends or simply have a little fun. However, you want to spend your dedicated me-time, here are a few suggestions that can give you something to really look forward to!
Fun Days Out for a Little Me Time
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Go A Massage

If you’re looking to let your hair down and let your mind drift for a little while, you should consider booking in for a relaxing massage. Not only is massage exceptionally good for your body, but it’s a great outlet for stress and can help to promote a general sense of calm and relaxation - perfect for any parent who’s usually run off their feet. Now, there are various different types of massage that you can consider. A standard Swedish massage is often the most recommended option. It will involve a trained and qualified therapist using a combination of long strokes, short strokes and tapping to relax your muscles. The entire process is enjoyable. Plus, it encourages your body to reduce cortisol production (cortisol is a stress hormone) and increase serotonin production (serotonin is a feel good chemical).

Visit a Psychic

Now, you may not have been to visit a psychic before. You might not have even considered it. But whether you’re spiritual or not, this can be a really fun experience that can give you something to think about. Of course, you’re going to know what you’re getting yourself into before you go. It’s a good idea to have a brief knowledge of the history of psychics and to have some sort of knowledge of the services that different psychics offer. Whether that’s fortune telling, tarot cards or anything else.

Visit a Museum

If you’ve been to a museum with kids, chances are it’s been a kid-based museum. If you’d like to see more art and exhibits aimed at adults, you could take this as an opportunity to go and enjoy yourself. You can browse the works at your own speed without having to worry about keeping an eye on anyone. Take a look at local exhibits and see what’s on!
These are just a few suggestions. Of course, the best me-time for you will depend on your own tastes and preferences. But hopefully, some of the above suggestions will help you to get your planning started out in the right direction!
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