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Futuristic Capsule Japanese-style Sleeping Pods by Dormitos PH | Manila Hotels

Posted on the 04 September 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Traveling can both be exciting and tiring at the same time. But what if we found a hotel SO INTERESTING that it can still serve as part of your itinerary. Can you keep up? Would you like to have a glimpse experience of the future? Well, the great news here is that you can stay in it for as long as you can.

Capsule sleeping pods by Dormitos

Capsule sleeping pods

We found a gem in the heart of Cubao, Quezon city situated at 115 Harvard St. where it seems like the present meets the future a little too early. It is pioneering the trend of making our futuristic homes a step closer. Dormitos, one of the first hotels to introduce the Japanese-style capsule resting/sleeping pods in the country.
Okay.. Let's tackle the daunting issues right away:

There is plenty of room inside

There is plenty of room inside

"Capsule sleeping pods? But I have claustrophobia or am claustrophobic. I am afraid of small, tight, and compressed spaces."
- Guys, the pod is big enough sizing at 8-feet long and 4-feet wide & height
- You may leave your door open as long as your valuables are in the safe
- You may leave the lights open while sleeping if it helps
- There is a huge mirror inside and the interiors are bright-colored making it look & feel bigger
- It's comfy enough for you not to get your sleep well
* The staff told me that some claustro-people made it alive and conquered their fear here so maybe it is time to fight-it off
Since we are in the capsule pods already, let's tackle its features:

Michael inside the sleeping capsule pod

Initiating launch.. in 3.. 2.. 1.. (lol)

1. Soft bedding/mattress, memory pillow, and blanket 
2. Air-fan temperature controller 
3. Wifi signal 
4. USB charging ports, 2 slots 
5. Adjustable ambient mood lighting set-up 
6. Fold-able/detachable table for laptop use and more 
7. mini-vault for wallets and other valuable items 
8. Plug socket  (for safety reasons)

Pod controls

Pod controls

Pod area restrictions:
1. Bringing of food and/or drinks - You can eat at the pantry area 
2. Making loud noises ✘ (should always be at minimal level)
3. Pets are not allowed in the whole property 
4. No smoking ✘ (there is a designated area only - their viewing deck)
5. Strictly no liquor or any alcohol beverages anywhere 

Capsule pods reminders

Capsule pods reminders

Next are the inside of the bathroom/restroom: "Do they have water bidet?"
> Bidet - THEY HAVE IT!  (I know many of you are glad about this including me! Haha!)
> Shower (hot/cold water) 
> Toiletries includes the following: towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo with conditioner  
> Big elegant beautifying mirrors (lol) 

Bathroom - Dormitos


The vibe: "What does it feel like staying there?"
First thing that came to mind was the movie "Passengers" by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, Second was  the capsule pods Bulma is using on Dragon Ball Z (for anime lovers out there) and Third is "The Martian" of Matt Damon - except that food is abundant when you go out of the pods area lol.
So if you are fond of Sci-fi (science fiction) movies like me, well, I am pretty sure you'll dig their interiors.

Capsule pod mirror

Capsule pod mirror (Tron vibes)

Other amenities/features of Dormitos:

Just for you to have a complete idea of the building for better understanding, the directory is as follows:
other higher floors - for commercialization
5th (4th) floor - Girl's pods (60 units)
3rd floor - Boy's pods (40 units), Reception lounge (common area), lockers, viewing deck
2nd floor - Laundry services, coffee shop, and a salon and spa
Ground floor - Convenience store (7-11)
[24 hrs. CCTVs are on operation]

Dormitos building

Dormitos building

Check-in and check-out times:
Check-in time: 2:00 PM
Check-out time: 11:00 AM
Booking: "What are the methods of booking do they honor and with what payment methods?"
They are visible to a lot of booking sites already but of course, using their official website will still be the best way. If you are used to calling and hearing them on the other line, feel free to call them using their official telephone no..  Currently, they are open for Paypal payments (I guess some credit cards too) and bank transfers for bookings/reservations. They really respond fast on emails and messengers (Facebook) so don't hesitate to contact them if you prefer alternatives.
Price: "How much per night/month?"
*All rates include wifi, water, and electricity already
The regular rate is priced at P16,000. But as of the moment, their introductory price rate is temporarily down to P8,000
The regular rate is priced at P1,600. But as of the moment, their introductory price rate is temporarily down to P800
Guys, if you will be doing the calculations especially the monthly rate.. that is as affordable as P267 or $6 per day (for the monthly rate as given). It already includes your electricity and water bills already. A "no-brainer" deal, the best offer yet with all the given unique features Dormitos have..

shoe rack at Dormitos

shoe rack

Other frequently asked questions (FAQs):
For the lounge - How many friends can I invite? and from what time to what time? 9 AM - 11 PM
Answer - As long the lounge can take and from 9:00 AM to near 10:00 PM
For the lockers - Can I use more than 1 locker in 1 go?
Answer - Yes, upon request but with a minimal fee
For the shoe rack - Can I occupy more since I have more than 1 pair of shoes?
Answer - No problem. As long as you won't place your collection there haha!
For the pantry area - What are the appliances you have in there?
Answer - A microwave and a water dispenser. Both are free to use

lockers at Dormitos


For the parking area - How many slots are there and can I secure one?
Answer - There are only about 5 spaces in the area for the customers since some are used by tenants (first park, first-served)
Is there a "lights-off" hour on the alley/corridor?
Answer - None but around 9:00 PM the lights go dimmer
Until when will the introductory price be implemented?
Answer - No definite time yet so make sure to take advantage of this

Chandelier in the lounge

Chandelier in the lounge

Other trivia:
* They have a good amount of water supply and an electricity generator for emergencies
* You'll have 4 different kinds of key/access: safe key, lock key, pod card, door card
* They have an area assigned for your big luggage
* They have a spacious elevator made for luggage/people transport
(All you of these you can watch at the video below)
I bet it's better to see it right? Here is the video of my visit! Hope you enjoy it!

Don't miss their introductory price and waste no time thinking about when you'll visit. Schedule now and contact them through these details! It's always exciting to try something new especially when its worth it.
They told me that selected people really get to travel to Mars when they open their pods during early mornings.. So.. Nah I am just joking! Enjoy your stay here guys! Very recommendable with thumbs up on both hands and feet. lol!
Location: 115 Harvard St. Cubao, Quezon CityContact no.: 729-4950 Email: [email protected]Website: https://www.dormitos.com/Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/DormitosPHInstagram page: https://www.instagram.com/dormitosph/Dormitos logo

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