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Girl Power…

Posted on the 07 July 2011 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Girl power…

I sometimes wonder what the Universe is up to with me.

I am not really surprised by the random stuff thrown at me on a day to day basis.

But I wonder fairly often if I make the right choices in said situations.

What if??? Is a question that pops into my head a lot.

My motto for years has been…

My path may be chosen, but I am still the one driving.

There is always choice.

Sometimes it’s not the best choice, or the one other people want me to make, but that has never mattered much to me.
Don’t judge me. It’s not your place, nor is it mine to judge you.

The last four years, I have been given obstacle after obstacle, a lot of those were brought on by previous choices I have made.

Some of them bad, but my choices none the less.

I have persevered, I have fought, I have laughed, I have cried MANY tears.

I feel like I am more myself now than I have ever been.

I have grown, I have learned to say what I feel, and never let anyone else define who I am today.

I am the only one with that control.

If I feel like someone is trying to take that away from me…

I rebel.


Sometimes, possibly…I overreact.

Owned. It can happen.

I have never claimed to be perfect, or tried to live up to a distorted and unrealistic perception of today’s society to live a perfect life.

My life HAS been perfect in every way. For ME. Mistakes and all.

I learn, I move on.

Girl power…

This life lesson, is a big one. Obviously I haven’t learned whatever my lesson is yet. That not only terrifies me at this point, it also in a bizarre way, feels like a big adventure.

Like going through rapids…and right in the middle, when there is nothing you can do about it, you realize that maybe you are in over your head a little, maybe you should have tried the lake in the kayak before you got in the river.

But. you. are. screwed. dude.

Cause you are in the thick of it. Ready or not, and all you can do is paddle like fuck, and hope you come out of it upright, with a little bit of dignity and the pride in knowing you made it through one more test, one more lesson…a little bruised up, but ready for the next adventure.

I sometimes forget to live in the moment, to enjoy the ride, bumpy or not. Everything I am going through everyday is my life, MY adventure, that I have to embrace, live and appreciate.

Are you living your adventure? Embracing it? Being grateful for the fact that good or bad, you are being given an amazing gift just being alive?

I think today, we should all have a grateful day. Really LIVE IN THE MOMENT. All day.

Think about how lucky we are, to be able to change someone’s day with a smile, change someone’s life with a helping hand, or a gesture of kindness, when it is least expected, or not expected at all.

Pay It Forward today…

Just one thing.

Big or small.

Random or planned, it’s up to you.

Don’t tell anyone what you have done. It is an amazing feeling to do good and expect NOTHING in return.

It will BRING good to you to be good.

That is the kind of day that I want to have today. I want to make my big adventure awesome :)

If it is a choice between sink or swim, I am gonna paddle my ass off baby, and I will be smiling all the way.

Bring it…

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