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Glee Challenges Beliefs; Takes Steps Towards Acceptance

Posted on the 04 April 2012 by A Girl In Converse @_girlinconverse
Although it's a tad bit sad that one of my favorite songs has now been classically conditioned to remind me of this sad scene, I have to commend Glee for its advocacy for the LGBT community. Since the very beginning, Glee has been challenging beliefs in our culture and it has not gone unnoticed. I actually stopped watching Glee last year, but watched this episode because someone -- who, I should mention, has previously questioned the rights of the LGBT community -- confessed to me that this very episode changed their perspective altogether. This is what our nation needs; awareness of the discrimination facing members of our very society -- especially the youth. We can all come together as a nation to decrease the number of teens going through this scenario. Unfortunately, right now, this issue is very real and I cannot thank the producers of Glee enough for treating it that way. 
I'm going to keep this entry short, because it is hard for me to comment on something I have never personally gone through. I will say this, it is so hard for me to understand why people are being tortured for loving other people. It just does not make sense. Who has the power to say which kind of love is right and which kind is wrong? The answer is no one.
You do not have to share the same sexual orientation as the LGBT community in order to lend a hand through this process. This is not just their fight, this is a fight to make our country more equal and our society more accepting. The sooner people start to accept differences, the better off we will all be.

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