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Go Team Venture!

Posted on the 26 April 2011 by Forevermelody
I recently welcomed a new member into my bicycle family, I give you: Rusty Venture!Go Team Venture!Go Team Venture!Rusty came to me from the owners of Doughbot Doughnuts. I went to their garage/doughnut sale last week and saw this beauty. When I asked how much they wanted Dannah replied, "Oh, how much for Rusty Venture? $45."
I was sold! I've loved the Venture Bros. cartoon on Adult Swim for years and this rusty colored vintage Raleigh couldn't be better named.
Go Team Venture!I put my outfit together to match my pretty new bike. New/used sheer floral top from Crossroads, a corduroy pencil skirt from Thrift Town, gifted brown knee high socks from Laura Sutter, vintage red boots from Vintage YSJ, green Tulle coat also from Crossroads and a basic brown target cardigan.
So why do I love the Venture Bros so much? I'll leave you with some of my favorite quotes and a bit about the show:
Dr. Venture: Oh, you don't know when to stop with all this, do you? You just keep pushing my buttons!
The Monarch: You're my arch-enemy! That's what I do! That's my thing!
[opening a bathroom door, hovering above the ground, with dramatic music playing]
Dr. Byron Orpheus: Do not be too hasty in entering that room. I had Taco Bell for lunch! 
[the Monarch has Brock Sampson right where he wants him]
The Monarch: Release the butterflies.
[Dead butterflies fall on Brock]
The Monarch: Okay, whose job was it to feed the butterflies?
Hank Venture: Dean, Dean, sometimes I forget your younger than me.
Dean Venture: By a lousy four minutes!
Hank Venture: Well then maybe in four minutes you'll understand!
The Monarch: You see, just like the flawless monarch butterfly from which I take my name, The Monarch has many ways to sting.
Cabbie: (weakly) Monarchs... don't sting...
Dr. Venture, Sr.: Ground control to Major Tom, your circuit's dead! There's something wrong! Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom?
Ok --- I understand this is only going to be funny to the select few who actually have seen this obscure comedy/adventure cartoon. And honestly, I can't recommend this to people who are easily offended, prudes, people with no sense of humor, or total sticks-in-the-mud, so if you're any of those things, you might not like this show. There's cussing, lots of dirty jokes and a plot that builds from episode to episode with lots of bazaar character development. Oh, the voice acting is hilarious! Overall, the show is weird, well-written and very funny if you have a twisted sense of humor (so watch at your own risk and start with season one don't try to jump in in the middle, you'll get the bends or something).
Go Team Venture!Rusty Venture is the name Dr. Venture went by when he was a boy adventurer, before he became a super scientist with two teen-age sons, Hank and Dean, of his own. His arch enemy is The Monarch, who was dating but is now married to Dr. Girlfriend (the girl in the pink).
Dr. Venture has a terribly bad-ass body guard, Brock Samson, who's voiced by the guy who played Putty on Seinfeld (best voice actor in the history of voice acting). Brock makes mullets look sexy and is in love with Russian spy, Molotov Cocktease. Dr. Venture isn't a great super scientist (unlike his father, Dr. Venture Sn.) so he has to rent out part of his compound to the flamboyant necromancer, Dr. Orpheus. Those are just some of the delightful and hilarious characters you will fall in love with if you watch this show.

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