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Posted on the 10 April 2012 by Shamsud @mysticverse
Godfather He dared the sun and loitered with the moon, His riches enveloped distant land; He sleeps in the wilderness with no name, Hi fireworks, a game of shame; Lame!
His spell vents thunders; And can blind one’s soul, He is diverse with many roles; His heart sealed, and love sold. Flame!
He butchers humanity in the name of the lord, Mutilated fleshes are just a road; To his immense riches and gold; Mothers breast dried and the world blindfold. Shame!
You promised peace and water for the meager, You promised health and happiness for the goer; I see starvation in the streets of hope and in the wood, I see blood in your food. Insane!
Take my labor buy them food, Return that young, his childhood; Take my heart buy them happiness, Long lost love and some kindness, Heave ho! Heave ho! Thousand lost on the go; Mother earth has abundance, let them sow, Heave ho! Heave ho! One more lost on the go; Let him smile let the child grow. Shamsud A Siource: reckinyards.deviantart com If You Enjoyed This Post Please Take 5 Seconds To Share It

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