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Got Munki?

Posted on the 18 June 2010 by Cbhojwani
At 8.15am, I got out of bed and made my way to the loo. Blurry eyed and groggy, I came across a pillow on the floor which had undoubtedly been kicked off by my wife, especially since her feet were sticking out from the edge of the blanket. Picking it up, I placed it back on the edge of the bed and attended to the business at hand.
At 8.17am I returned to bed, placed my lap top on my bed tray (great invention) and did what most men do, check the sports scores. Got Munki? All of a sudden, I noticed the miniature Mrs. Bhojwani twitching. Had my return to the bed woken her up? As I watched her, fear of another Eyjafjallajokull eruption crept in! Her tiny face remained still as her eyes stayed shut. A quiet sigh of relief passed through my lips when suddenly, I noticed her tiny doll like foot sway. Her outstretched paw sought after something and when her manicured toes brushed past the pillow, she pinched it! Pulling it closer, she grabbed the pillow with both feet with the agility of a puma! Bringing up her knees to her chest, she got into a foetal position, reached out for the pillow with her hands and put it back on her head, creating the infamous cave. All this…with her eyes shut….and not moving her head one bit….and semi-conscious! Evidently, I married a monkey! Got Munki?
Marriage Tip 17:
Have a camera with you at all times to capture any wild behaviour by your spouse!
Welcome my ‘Ee ee oouu oou aa aa ee ou ahaa’ life

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