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Grace Under Pressure #GratitudeCircle

Posted on the 26 July 2019 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Grace Under Pressure #GratitudeCircle

July has been a month of grace under pressure with lots of time offline, taking care of various things. It is that time of year when we have the tax filing deadline, son returns to college for a new semester and other home-related stuff. It is also a time to take stock of health issues-in my case, diabetes, which is ongoing.

This month, I have also been actively purging stuff. I am gearing up to donate essentials to a new local charity. More about that next month, when I will have lots to say! I am so happy about this and I am grateful that I have recipients. My Grandma always said that it is not always easy to give, because you need recipients who are glad to take. Case in point, a couple of decades ago, when moving from one city to another, I had three trunks of bestseller books to give away and no takers. Crazy, right? It is all about timing! Be that as it may, I am happy to be in the place where I am right now.

By the way, last month, I wrote about a "care package" I carry, to donate when I step out and visit the construction sites. Some of you wanted to know what was in it. Well here's the thing. Once I spot a site, I check to see if there are kids. There usually are. Then I put together the following in a sturdy bag they can use again.

Biscuits - packed in a box
Buns - these stay longer and make a good snack for the kids.
Provisions (oil/rice/flour/suji) - packed in containers
Veg (potato, onion)
Towels, bedsheets
Water bottles - reusable
Toys (I have loads)
Extra containers/utensils

These make a good starter pack. Then after I talk to them, I know if they need anything else and I try to arrange that-especially medicines. Sometimes I cook something and take it along.

Grace Under Pressure #GratitudeCircle Grace Under Pressure #GratitudeCircleOther things I am really grateful for are: Tax filing

This is always a stressful thing and thanks to my friend, all wrapped up for this year. I felt a bit sat because my income has lowered drastically this year because of various reasons. One of them was I let go of many things that were stressing me out. So, I guess I must view it as a balance. Grateful that I can afford to take the dip and very grateful that I could still donate to the charities I support. A wonderful feeling of abundance.

Counting down to son returning to college

Somehow the summer has come to an end. For him it was exams and summer project work, so quite busy. He also had to register for GRE, TOEFL, etc. as he is going into the final year of his course. Did you know that the entry fee for these exams is ridiculously expensive? Well it took my breath away. Grateful we can afford it at this point.

For me, it was all about grace under pressure. Summer was the joy of having our son at home. We have no idea what the situation will be this time next year, but for now, we are treasuring every moment we have together. Enjoying each other's company, family time, going for a walk every day, cooking our favorite food and eating together, talking, laughing, watching our favorite comedy shows and so on. So grateful!

Busy shopping

Thanks to my local guys who always come to my rescue. But even though I prefer to walk to the market and chat with the local vendors, there are times when online shopping can be such a lifesaver and I am grateful that's possible. And so easy.

Listening to myself

I gave my son so many pep talks that I felt compelled to practice what I preach. Total win-win. Sometimes, it is good to listen to ourselves, right? Especially when we are generous with advice. Yep, it has helped calm me down! Grace under pressure.


On the health front, things could be better. But I am excited about trying a new diabetes supplement, starting next week. I will post updates on my progress as I am going to be taking it for three months. What I know and have heard about this sounds very promising and I am looking forward to good things. As long as I live, I want to make sure I take good care of my health.

Sweet sixteen

On July 8, I quietly celebrated my blog anniversary. This blog turned 16 years. Truly a sweet 16 years of collecting smiles, learning new things, meeting lovely people, and filling my life with joy. Thank you, if you are reading this today!

And that's a wrap for the July 2019 Gratitude Circle blog hop.

No wait-just one more thing!

I am joining Parul's Thursday Tree Love blog hop with this photo.

This photo is on Ross Island. This gorgeous, massive tree with its far reaching branches and roots was just one among hundreds that I had the privilege of seeing when we visited the Andamans last month. The trees seem as old as time and I felt such a sense of peace and being centered as I stood there, inside its space, gazing at the roots, unaware that this pic was being clicked. It is one that I will treasure forever. And I also love that particular t-shirt that says: One Day or Day One - You Decide. A wonderful thought.

Join me for the July 2019 Gratitude Circle blog hop!

How was July? I'd love to know!

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I wish you a fantastic August!

And grace under pressure ♥

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