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Gratitude and Service Therapy #GST #GratitudeCircle

Posted on the 01 July 2017 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Gratitude and Service Therapy #GST #GratitudeCircle

Nice and tacky title, eh?

As we get our various garments in a twist over who should register under the GST -Goods and Services Tax-Act, I know one GST that is mandatory for everyone, age and gender no bar.

Gratitude and Service Therapy

At least in my book!

Mmm. Hmm.

I am smiling all the way as I write this gratitude post. Not feeling apologetic for not posting it on Thursday. Not saying June has been an easy month, but as usual, I've found that focusing on the things I have always makes life better. I've been writing in my gratitude journal every day. Some days, twice. And especially on those days when things looked rather bleak.

It has been a month of:

  • losing a good friend
  • lots of time with family
  • having son home for summer
  • great news
  • girlfriend dates
  • cooking, a lot.
  • watching movies with son
  • attending book launches
  • reading
  • working
  • repairs galore
  • purging stuff

. . . and so on.

Not going to talk about the tough times. Just holding precious moments and memories in my heart.

Strangely, for the first time in a long time, I posted just four times here, last month. I had post drafts ready, but couldn't get around to publishing them, simply because there was too much going on offline.

Did anyone miss me at all?

Hopefully July will be more prolific.

June began with terrible news of a dear friend's passing. It was such a shock. I have known him since 1984. All I could do was feel sad, and remember the good times, long conversations, and even recently, joking with each other. So, so, so very sad. I can only feel grateful for our friendship.

The most glorious thing about June was, of course, having my son home. Enough said-the sun just shines brighter when he's home. Even when we fell sick, one after the other. So glad he's home, even if I secretly think, omg, he's going to leave in x days. Crazy mommy, huh! My privilege, though!

Talking of sick, it's been predominantly a month of tummy-and-headaches. Not sure why. I am due for my blood tests and am a little freaked out about that. Still, worrying won't change things, so let's see how that goes, because, eh, life goes on, and there's so much going on!

Oh! we participated in a Walkathon one Sunday to raise funds for underprivileged kids and it felt so very good!

We spent time with books. Okay, "time" is an understatement-it was hours and hours, in the course of which we also fitted in a couple of book launches. One had a mythology quiz which our team won-and the prize was a stack of 5 books! Very nice indeed! And because it was at the British Library, of course I ended up buying another stack of withdrawn books that were on sale. Not repentant at all!

One day my sis and I had a facemask date and it was so much fun! I was a little dull about them moving out from the apartment opposite ours, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, we've been in and out of each other's houses and that has been wonderful.

In mid-June, I had the pleasure of attending my niece's prize day at school. My heart was bursting with pride as we returned home, her arms laden with trophies. And then, a few days later, her exam results were declared. She did very well. But of course, the next goal was admission into the college of her choice. After a nail-biting wait, that finally got confirmed and we are all so happy for her. Of course we'll cry our eyes out when she leaves for college in a different city, but there'll be tears of joy mingled with that. So grateful.

While all these major happies happened, there were minor happies, too. Our TV went on the blink, and got repaired.

I must express gratitude for my washing machine that makes my life easy. Although, I do wish, at times, that laundry would do, dry, fold, and put itself away! Sigh. Still-love the fragrance of the fluttering bedsheets in the balcony, somehow enhanced by the sunlight.

And oh, if anyone is interested to know-I got my desktop computer up again yesterday after a long struggle. Everything that could go wrong, did. Finally, when we thought we were all set to load the OS, we discovered the DVD drive was dead. Which meant buying a new one. So, the computer is practically new, except for the casing. But what matters at this moment is that it is up. And we'll watch and see how that goes. I am wary at the moment.

So, as July begins, once again, we shall be super-busy getting my niece ready for college. Lists to make, packing to do. My son will also return to campus in three weeks, and boo-hoo, sniff-sniff. I will miss our evenings on the terrace so much!

July has always been a month of new beginnings for me, with something or other in the works. Good stuff. This July is no exception and I am looking forward to it.

I've got a lovely project going on and will say more about it next month when it completes. So excited!

Another thrilling thing was an unexpected assignment that came up, which enabled me complete a very important contribution to the medical fund for my local welfare home. I was stressing over how to do it-and like an answer to a prayer, the assignment came out of the blue. Universe is always listening, eh!

July 8 will also mark this blog's fourteenth anniversary. How shall we celebrate? Would love to hear what you think.

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can't get any better, it can.

Special thanks to the friends who kept in touch. I am fortunate to have you in my life. ♥

Welcome to the June Gratitude Circle blog hop, two days late. I hope you will join me by linking your posts. You know what to do! Thank you for your support!

Gratitude and Service Therapy #GST #GratitudeCircle

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