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Greedy, Snotty Wishes.

Posted on the 10 July 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann

Hello, and welcome back to my birthday week! YABADABADOO!

I still expect presents at 22, that is why I am greedy and snotty. I don’t care if it’s my favorite sucker wrapped up, I will open it and get excited about it! I just feel like everyone needs to learn to love presents. Jared always says that he doesn’t want anything for his birthday and it drives me crazy, because I love everything about presents. I love to shop for them, I love to keep them a surprise, and wrapping them and taunting with them. I, of course, also love being surprised by them and being able to open and enjoy them. It’s just another reasons birthdays are so great. You have got to agree with me here! If you didn’t read yesterdays post I listed a few ways that I have already started to celebrate my birthday. Well one more to add the list, yesterday after work, I had a surprise hair appointment and got my hair colored and cut! My hair stylist is so awesome, and she’s REALLY good at taking my last minute appointments so I can be cute for my main man. Also so I can look fly for the upcoming events of birthday week!!


On with the greedy portions of the post..

Part 1: Presents for a girl that already has everything.

First up I would love a French bulldog. I am doubting this will happen, but I want to point out that I woke up to little tiny paw prints all over the outside of my car yesterday morning (it’s a sign), and I thought for sure Jared dipped puppy paws into mud and had him walk on my car to surprise me /taunt me. However he keeps assuring me this isn’t the case… I’m still not convinced. Aren’t those the cutest little muddy paw prints you’ve ever seen? I can just imagine Jared out at 2 in the morning with a little bulldog rubbing his feet in mud, and then holding him on my car while he walks across it. ha ha, yeah right… A girl can dream for another bully in her life.


I know that it’s a bit cliche, but I love Victoria Secret swimsuits. They are so expensive though, and so I only allow myself to get one a year, except last year when I bought two. This suit is killing me. I would love to be a sailor the rest of this season. I am all about how well VS swimsuits fit. I have a little boys butt, meaning I don’t have one at all, and my top half isn’t well endowed. They definitely have sizes that fit me well, and form to me, which accentuates my curves, and makes me look more womanly. I like to feel sexy at the pool and at the lake. Don’t we all??


I work on my blog a LOT at home. It’s hard for me to get motivated when every time I want to blog (which includes designing and writing and checking email, and well all you bloggers know) I get out my second monitor which just chills in my kitchen right now, and put it on the table and hook it up to my laptop which forms my work space. I would love to have a little desk or area to work in, and I could keep all my blogging calendars, emails and reminders. My husband has 2 man caves one in our garage and one in our third bedroom. I just want a desk, a really cute shabby chic one. I would love a desk like this, where it’s not too overwhelming, and can also be considered decor.



I really don’t need any of these things, and that’s why birthdays are just so hard when you get older your needs are very slim to none. I used to get my car registered every year from my parents for my birthday, and now my car doesn’t need that done until September, bummer.

We really need a new Duvet set, because Shia insists on sleeping next to me.. Okay I make her sleep curled up into my body, and she drools all over the place. Her drool leaves little spots on the bed. Not only that but there is some red substance like a marker or something that has stained the bottom corner of our duvet. More than both of those things, our set is about 2 years old and just kind of looks beats up. I really love this first one, the problem is that Jared and I have different tastes with bedding. He probably doesn’t see this as classy, but girly.


Maybe some new jeans, all my jeans are all worn out around the knees. I must be sliding on them too much, like sledding into home base and ruining my jeans. Except for almost every pair of jeans I own right now I have had for over 3 or 4 years. I spend lots of money of jeans, and I hate when it’s time to buy new ones. However, I only spend lots of money because they do last me several years. On that note, maybe not jeans but instead of shopping spree to get some new clothes. EH?

I know this is a greedy, snotty post - but I really am mostly looking forward to seeing all my friends for birthday week. More than anything I love being around our friends and family. I love when there is a reason to celebrate and get everybody together!

What are presents that you’ve got in past birthdays? Tell me all about it :)

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And, yes, happy Valentine's day.

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The best gift was the realization that all these well endowed and perfect looking women, in print, are all products of photoshop.

Otherwise, Wenger Tool Chest Plus is one of my oldest and most cherished gifts.


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