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Guest Post: 10 Things To Watch Out For While Breastfeeding

Posted on the 21 September 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Today I am sharing a guest article about breastfeeding written by Regina from Ferile Mind. A parenting writer and fashion afficianado, Regina empowers women through her writing and parenting tips. Catch more of her work on the Fertile Mind blog.
Guest Post: 10 Things To Watch Out For While Breastfeeding
"As much as doctors and other women may want to tell you otherwise, breastfeeding isnt something that always comes naturally to women. In fact, even experienced mums will often have times when breastfeeding is downright difficult. The best way to nip problems in the bud is to keep an eye out for indicators of major issues that could affect both you and your baby. Here are some things every mom should watch out for while breastfeeding..

1. Be careful about what you eat and drink. 

When youre breastfeeding, youre still technically eating for two. Medications and alcohol can seep into breastmilk, which means that if you drink too much wine, you can end up getting your baby a bit tipsy, too. Before you decide to drink or take medication, consult with your doctor about how it would interact with breastfeeding. 

2. Keep an eye on your positioning.

Babies latch on best when you give them more access to both your nipple, and a little bit of the underside of your nipple. Latching is often the toughest (and most painful) part of learning to breastfeed, and much of the difficulties that come with it can be alleviated with good positioning. We suggest getting into a good class for it, or reading up on it from a trusted site. 

3. Watch out for symptoms of mastitis. 

Mastitis is actually very common in breastfeeding women, and its more commonly known as an infection of the breast tissue. About one in three women will get this, and if you have it, you will likely know. Your breasts will get very tender, often to the point of sharp pains. You may also notice that your breasts have gotten redder, and that its hard to move. If you have this, call a doctor immediately. It can get worse. 

4. Actually, watch out for your nipples’ wellbeing, too. 

Breastfeeding can seriously harm nipples. The best advice is to make sure to rub some lanolin ointment on them, to let them air dry, and to switch nipples while feeding. Dry, cracked nipples can lead to a lot of breastfeeding issues, so make sure to care for yourself!

5. Make sure that your baby actually had enough milk. 

Though we often wish it were otherwise, babies do not run on schedules. If they dont have enough milk and are hungry, then youll know because they wont act satisfied. Theyll begin to cry and fuss about until theyve had enough milk. 

6. Keep an eye out for clothing mishaps. 

Breastfeeding tops are great for women who breastfeed, but when youre actually out at work or out on the town, it can look a bit awkward. If youre busty, you may also have the issue of falling out of certain tops. A good way to avoid a nip slip and also save a couple of dollars is to continue to wear your maternity topsalbeit with a couple of nursing bras and pads in the meantime. 

7. Watch out for negativity directed in your direction, too.

Mums do not have it easy when it comes to breastfeeding, especially when it comes to dealing with the opinions of others. Its no secret that breastfeeding in public is not always appreciated, and that many mums will also have little issue offering unsolicited advice on the rightway to breastfeed.Mum shaming,as its more commonly called, is too common these days, and it is never acceptable behavior. Keep an eye out for it, and recognize it for what it is rude, unjustifiable, hateful behavior. Once you realize what is going on, its easier to ignore it. 

8.Keep an eye out on things that can dwindle milk supply. 

If you want to fully breastfeed your child, youre going to have to work on maintaining a diet that helps increase breast milk. Foods that are high in calcium, as well as foods that are high in whole grains, tend to be the best options for a nursing mom. However, if you cant keep the milk coming, dont feel bad. Not all women have a never-ending milk supply, you know!

9. Keep an eye out for over stressing

As a mum, its normal to be stressed. Stressing about breastfeeding also can make it more uncomfortable and painful. If youre having difficulties, try to relax with some nice music or a glass of cold water. Both you and your baby are learning, and it will be a process. If you both relax, it will get easier, sooner. 

10. Do your best to have lactation gear nearby at all times. 

The new motto of new mums should be something along the lines of Be prepared.Having an extra set of nursing pads, a portable breast pump, and some nipple butter can make the difference between a stressed out, soggy, pained mommy and a mother who actually doesnt mind breastfeeding. Compile your own small kit, and bring it with you wherever you go.
Breastfeeding doesnt have to be the major stress-causer that many women find it to be. With a keen eye for potential problems and a little bit of planning, both you and your little one will love spending this quality time together."
Guest Post: 10 Things To Watch Out For While Breastfeeding

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