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Guest Post: Mark, an Man with Asperger’s Syndrome, Tells His Story

Posted on the 23 September 2013 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27
Guest post: Mark, an man with Asperger’s Syndrome, tells his story Ooh what a life I am a disabled adult, asperger syndrome and ME. Think how very difficult this is.

I am married - 13 years this year to a wonderful, wonderful wife Tabitha who is not disabled in any way. When people meet Tabitha they are stunned. First that Tabitha is no disabled and second how beautiful she is.

We have three very, very  fantastic children - aged 12, nine and less than a year. Because I have Asperger’s Syndrome it took me over half my life to find the right relationship. September 1996 Tabitha and I first met, but before this I was very, very, very alone.  A nobody, a nothing.

“Everybody” around me had boyfriend/girlfriend, married children of their own. All these and only these things in the world I ever wanted, but I have Asperger’s Syndrome which was making this a great deal more difficult and harder. I have had to dig very deep to get where I am today.

Tabitha and I had so much in common. We lived half a mile from each other, well, next street up. We both knew the same friends. We both were bullied at school. We started going out together then two years later moved into a flat together in Peterborough, Cambs. This was Hell, people calling us bad names.

 We got married in 1999 and moved into a house in March, Cambs, then our children arrived.
The moment at our wedding when I said ‘I do’ I was in floods of tears. I could not believe I was getting married. I could not believe this for me was no longer a dream.

But three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with ME and put in a wheelchair. I cannot work but I do take part in a lot of research from universities in London, Cambridge, Manchester, Norwich and Sheffield. 

Today I have been to a London University doing research. I’m on the train home at the moment. I have a lot of health problems like asthma, so for asthma UK I am a research and policy holder, meaning I can be interviewed on television or radio and newspapers all about asthma.

I said we have three children. Our third, a girl, was born last year weighing 8lb 12oz. I cut the cord. I mean, come on, not many fathers do this. It is something very big for any disability. I was in London City University taking part in research. I’m writing a book, Taking Part In research. I have nearly finished and I am looking at if my book can be published. 13 years married to Tabitha and I have three fantastic children there’s an age gap of 17 years between us.
What a life to live!  Thanks very much to Mark for sharing his view of life.

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