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Guest Post: Personal Christmas Gift Ideas

Posted on the 23 October 2013 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27
Guest post: Personal Christmas Gift Ideas It's almost time for the holidays and, in addition to cooling weather, a festive atmosphere, and Christmas carols, that means it's about time to start organising your gift list! This process always seems to be trickier than we expect, but one thing that can make holiday gift-giving particularly satisfying is in enriching your purchases. In other words, take your ordinary ideas and step them up a notch in any way you can! Here are a few examples of what we're talking about.
Giving Tech Products
Tech products are always hot during the holiday season these days, so there's no sense leaving them out. However, there are many who feel that a new iPod Touch or a set of speakers is a bit impersonal, and while these gifts are still greatly appreciated, there's no reason not to add a personal touch! Whatever tech product you're giving to someone on your list, consider purchasing it early and having it engraved, either with the name of the person you're giving it to, or a special, short message.

Giving Flowers

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it's also common to give flowers as a simple seasonal gesture to friends, family or neighbours. However, people can usually tell when you've stopped to pick up flowers at the most convenient location (ie the petrol station) on your way to an event or gathering! This isn't to say it isn't still a nice gesture - but to really make a gift out of your flowers, try to go a step further with preparation. Pick up a gorgeous, arranged bouquet from the M&S flower section, for example, and you'll have a quality product that seems more like a heartfelt gift, and not a hasty gesture.
Giving Treats
Another simple but often appreciated and very common festive gift is a treat of some kind - a batch of biscuits, for example. The tip here is quite simple, and probably fairly predictable: bake, don't buy! Sure, you feel like you should spend money on gifts. But the effort of finding a great holiday recipe and making it happen yourself shows true care and devotion, and the finished product is often even tastier than what you'd purchase in stores!
Giving Household Items
This is another popular gift category, when you consider everything it entails: from new cushions, pillows and blankets, to decorative art or ornaments, to kitchen and bath accessories, household items are frequently wrapped up for Christmas. If you're looking for a gift in this category, consider instead doing some form of personalised art - a framed photograph of the family you're giving it to, for example, or, if you have an artistic side, something you made all on your own!

Ultimately, holiday gift ideas are essentially limitless. But these are a few handy ways to upgrade traditional types of gifts from ordinary to personal, and to show that special, caring touch.

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