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Hairdresser Desertion…

Posted on the 04 May 2011 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

I called today to get a hair appointment. I have made a decision. Second one of the week, holy crap, somebody better stop me now.

I am growing my hair long, and I have a ton of hair, really really thick. I have never grown it all one length before, other than when I was about 8…so thought I would try it again. Ya, not gonna happen. I love my hair long, but it has to be layered. It is driving me INSANE. The only way I can wear it is clipped back, cause it is in my face and flying everywhere, I look like a crazy chick.

Ok, nevermind…I am taking my profile picture with me, I want it to look like that ——->

so about two, maybe three inches off the top…

This seriously strikes terror DEEP into my heart at the best of times, after the hair disaster two years ago, where I went for a trim and came out with 4 inches LESS hair.

Hairdresser Desertion…

I am smiling on the outside but this is NOT ok...

I now have a hairdresser I love and totally trust, so I call her today to get an appointment on Friday and she tells me…


She says that another girl will do it for me though. She knows how terrified I am of other hairdressers. She really does.

I am like a crazy person, I make her promise that this girl knows what she is doing, she swears she does. I trust Audrey, so I trust her to send me to someone new.

But I am terrified.

I will seriously look this girl in the eyes before the scissors touch my hair, and make sure she understands me clearly as to what she is going to do.

I am taking pictures with me.

I am taking Bill.

I couldn’t get in on Friday, but she had an opening tomorrow. I will at least have backup that will tell me I am beautiful even if she messes it up, which she will most definitely NOT do in any way. I will make sure of that before she even picks up those scissors.

I mean, I will have pictures, right?

The Universe has my back… but just in case, keep all your damn fingers crossed for me ok?

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