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Happiness Hangover

Posted on the 28 June 2012 by Vidyasury @vidyasury
Happiness Hangover
I looked at the phone today.  I made a wish for my best friend to call. She did. We chatted. We became nostalgic. We marveled at the time gone by, the wonderful experiences shared. We recalled specific instances and I felt the tangible connection between us, the deep love and affection.  Friends, what a blessing!

An old colleague got in touch today, just like that, out of the blue. But it was like taking up a conversation we left off yesterday and we got lost in catching up on the years. What happy nostalgia, remembering people we both knew and doing the “where are they now” routine. After a lot of bantering and teasing, we called off, promising to meet up. I do look forward to that!

A close friend I had lost touch with for fourteen years, whom I recently connected with, phoned. Another marathon conversation, laughing, smiling, crying, as we took a quick trip down the timeline. We met at an aerobics class and instantly became friends. We’d go see a movie every Sunday.  If it looked like we’d miss a Sunday, then we’d meet on Saturday.

I got an email from another very dear friend today. We met in 1986, when I joined an advertising agency. Friendship at first sight. Still cherishing each other’s scintillating company in 2012. We share the same taste in music, humor, books, movies and a whole lot of other stuff. Even when we moved from the advertising agency to take up different jobs, we made it a point to meet at least once a week for lunch or coffee as long as we lived in the same city. Today we continue to share the same relationship, only stronger. 

I often wonder – we seem to fall short of time, all the time these days. Where did we find the time to actually meet our friends and spend time with them? But we did. We even visited each other. We had jobs, hectic ones. Yet we found time for family, outings, holidays. These days, it has become so hard to juggle our schedules. 
When I suspected this happening to me, I quit while I was at the top. I just shifted my focus. And was not surprised to find that the world went on as comfortably as it did before.
Happiness Hangover  All I want from life now is happy relationships, the chance to make lives better and travel and see places. 

My Non-Negotiables

I love that phrase, don’t you? I am thinking about all the things I must do on a daily basis to stay happy and sane. At first I thought my non-negotiables would cover only a few things, but then, as I jotted down my list, I found it growing – and growing. There are things I just cannot miss, no matter what.  So I’ve made an affirmations list for myself:
  1. Wake up early and pray. I swear my prayers are answered most of the time. So I have friends calling me to pass their message on to the Higher Power. Because you see, one can never tell – the Higher Power may only listen to me.
  2. Go for a walk with my family every evening.  That time is precious. We laugh, we share jokes, we scold each other, all in good spirit. And yes, I’ve become addicted to watching the skies and the birds. There’s a dream like quality – magical in the evening. My twilight zone, if you will. Plus, it is exercise. Amen to that!
  3. Maintain silence. This one is easy for me because after my folks leave at 8 am, I have the house to myself. Sometimes I practice just sitting and doing nothing. I figured that would be a good time to meditate. Calms the mind. Feels good.
  4. Get enough sleep. I am working on this. Really. And I am sure I’ll do it as soon as I successfully stretch the day to 28 hours. As if. 
  5. Play a game. Crosswords count, right? Joining the dots? Battleship? Noughts and Crosses? Yes, they count. I wouldn’t give up the laughter I share with my son during these wonderful hours.
  6. Read. Oh yes. This has to be a favorite. I read a lot of superb blogs and I love the range of emotions they evoke in me. Plus there’s Twitter and Facebook to amplify the message. Yes, I like to share. I also enjoy digging into a couple of books at a time. I am a parallel reader.
  7. Talk to a neighbor every day. This one is easy. Add talk to children. Nothing like the rush of creativity that surges within after a discussion with a child.
  8. Day dream. Ah, a habit.
  9. Eat healthy. .
  10. Drink lots of water. 
  11. Ask myself, did I make at least five people smile today? Affirmative.
  12. Kill gossip. No meaningless conversations.  Shhh….voices in my head.
  13. Be happy.  
  14. Eliminate negative thoughts and things you can’t control. Channel energy on living in the moment.
  15. Smile more. Laugh more.
  16. There’s no need to win every argument. It is okay to agree to disagree.
  17. Focus on doing good
  18. Let go of expectations
  19. Remember that no matter how tough a situation, it will change
  20. Stay in touch with friends.
  21. Do the right thing. I listen to my heart.
  22. Simplify.
  23. Dress well.
  24. Give something good, of value, every day.
  25. Don’t overdo anything. 
  26. Don't worry.
  27. Don't feed your fears
  28. Believe in yourself
What's so unique about this list? Is there anything you didn't know?  :-) Yet, we need to be reminded of the simplest and most obvious things in life, especially when we are rushed off our feet.
Life is a school. I am here to learn. Problems are fine. I can work them out. The lessons I learn will be life’s gift to me.  I am thankful to wake up to a brand new day, every day, full of hope.

What are you thankful for? 
What gives you a "happiness hangover"?

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