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Happy Birthday to My Husband

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Karaevs @KaraEvs

Today, the most amazing husband, father and man in my life is celebrating his 27th birthday. In honor of this, here’s 27 things I love about him:

  1. He knows a lot of random facts and trivia in a huge variety of topics.
  2. He’s extremely handy. He can fix my car, fix the stairs, paint the walls and weld (by trade!) like it’s no body’s business.
  3. He doesn’t judge me for my ridiculous love of puppies, cupcakes or the color yellow.
  4. He’s an amazing father to our daughter.
  5. He puts up with my crazy family.
  6. He’ll always have the answer to my math questions.
  7. His eyes are wonderfully blue and I could stare at them all day.
  8. I can’t quite remember the last time I had to pump my own gas.
  9. He’s willing to be the guinea pig for the food recipes I find on Pinterest.
  10. He actually browses what I’ve pinned on Pinterest and helps me try some of the stuff I find.
  11. He’s an amazing at-home cook.
  12. He knows exactly how to make me laugh, even when I’m in the worst of moods.
  13. He knows exactly how to make me feel better when I’m down.
  14. He questions my weird choices of TV programming, but he doesn’t stop me.
  15. He never thinks of just himself.
  16. He’s smart with money, which is good because I’m not such a keen-beaner.
  17. He’s the best Pictionary partner ever!
  18. He doesn’t let me adopt all of the cute animals, but lets me dream about it.
  19. He includes me in his plans if it’s possible.
  20. He challenges me mentally and pushes me when he knows I can do better.
  21. He doesn’t give up on anything.
  22. He’s always surprising me with amazing gifts, which are usually above and beyond!
  23. He’s an awesome dog-daddy to our fur babies.
  24. He always hands me my towel when I’m done in the shower so I don’t get cold.
  25. He’s okay with my ridiculous celebrity crush on Jason Statham
  26. He’s loved me since we were kids.
  27. He’s made my life so much better in every way.

Happy Birthday, my love! May your 27th year be one of the best yet!


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