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Happy Second Anniversary!

Posted on the 09 October 2012 by Haramizuki @TekiGirl

2nd Anniversary~

Just to take a break from posting product reviews, I’ll be blogging something more personal today. Today, October 9, 2012, marks our 24th month of being together, Derrick and I. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at Buffet 101 yesterday… with my mom. Lol. My mom wanted to come along and we didn’t mind at all. And Derrick had to go to school today, so we thought of celebrating our anniversary the day before so that we could spend the whole day together.

We only have few pictures because we were busy eating. It’s our first time to dine at Buffet 101. The food is ordinary, but not that bad. My mom didn’t like their food that much as well. I prefer Vikings because they have Salmon Sashimi. :P And I think they have more food than Buffet 101. But what’s good about Buffet 101 is the ambiance. It really feels like you’re dining at a five start hotel. The layout design is very neat and tidy, unlike with Vikings, wherein their buffet tables are scattered and the spaces are narrow. But both establishments do have very  hospitable staffs, so two thumbs up!

After eating, we went home to rest for a while because we were stuffed. After 30 minutes, we went to Rockwell to pay some bills, then watched Taken 2. The movie was good. The fight scenes got me thrilled. I was like “whoa..” “oh no..” and “cool..”. After the movie, we bought food at Kenny Roger’s — was thinking of Yellow Cab Pizza, but they don’t have a store at Power Plant — for dinner, to be eaten at Derrick’s house with his family.  And then we went to fetch Derrick’s mom at work.

After we ate dinner, we then went on doing our thing – Surfing the internet. He checked updates on his Tumblr, while I checked updates on XDA and Reddit. After an hour, we felt very sleepy. I asked him if he’s ready to rest and if he’s done with his laptop because I have something to show him.

Happy Second Anniversary!

He was surprised when I showed him a video that I made on YouTube, with me singing You and Me by Lifehouse in the background. He kept on complimenting about the video until he took me home. ^^ Sorry guys, but I can’t let you hear my voice. HAHA!

I kept singing that song for many days. At first I didn’t know what song to sing. But one morning, I heard that song being played out loud by a Jeepney, and I immediately thought of singing it, since it’s really a romantic song.

So anyway, today we’ll just watch Expendables 2, and the first 3 episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season 8 here at home.

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