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Healthy Eating Takes the Biscuit

Posted on the 29 January 2013 by Ellenarnison @Ellen27
Healthy eating takes the biscuit
Healthy eating takes the biscuitHealthy eating takes the biscuit This has to have been the longest January in the history of Januarys and it's still not over yet. 

However, I'm still sticking to my healthy(ish) eating campaign for the Boys and I. 

Obviously the ideal foodstuff would be tasty, wholesome (ie not processed or full of chemicals) and not fattening. It would also provide slow release energy and probably boost one's IQ. 

However the reality is you can't have all of that, all at once. 

So, this particular day's effort was to create wholesome and tasty snacks for the Boys. If I don't watch carefully my sons will stuff themselves with lurid crisps and Jammy Dodgers. In an attempt to avoid them rolling their eyes at me and doing that shoulder slump, I thought I'd rustle up an alternative. 

Even with the help of Boy Three I managed to produce a batch of oat and raisin cookies that I was quite pleased with. And the Boys didn't seem to have too much trouble scoffing them either. Job done. 

I found the recipe on the Whitworth's Sugar website and my only complaint is that they're too tasty to be compatible with my weight loss aspiration. 

Healthy eating takes the biscuit

Whitworths asked very nicely if I'd be happy to do some baking and write some blog posts on their behalf on a commercial basis. I was delighted to accept. 
They are running a Twitter competition to inspire everyone to bake their way through this part of the winter. 

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