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Hello??? Is There Anyone out There?

Posted on the 13 June 2012 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

As usual, I have been obscenely absent…

I apologize. I suck…and not in the good way.

Life has been busy.

We have been gardening, working and sleeping, not necessarily in that order.

Things are looking good around the castle, and I promise the next sunny day we have, I will take some updated shots.

We and by that I mean Bruce have built a new veggie garden and got it all planted. Hopefully we are going to have way too much food this summer…I was thinking a veggie stand would be an awesome side job, if only there were about 10 more hours in our day.

And then there is the menopause…

I know…the boys are running screaming right now…run buggers run

The hot flashes are a fucking nightmare.

No one tells you that they aren’t just hot flashes.

That they are mini panic attacks that rack your whole body, make you sweat like a pig and go red in the face, I mean how the fuck are you supposed to hide that?

I was thinking it would just be periods of time where I would finally for the first time in my life be warm. Ya…sure.

Denial is a wicked bitch isn’t she?

I think it is making me fucking swear more too. Maybe not, but I am using that as a fucking excuse.

Apparently it is making Barbara, who I work with, have sympathy hot flashes. So she is cursing me fairly constantly now. She is 70 and she said she was sure she was done with them until I brought it up again, but really…no one wants to hot flash alone do they? So I am grateful.

Don’t even get me started on the night sweats…

Not having a period is rocking though. 16 days late now…loving that. It nearly makes up for the flashes, nearly…

And NO. I am not pregnant.

I am way to bitchy to raise a kid now.

I wouldn’t mind a big hug or two from my cute little nephew though, if only he wasn’t a whole world away.

In other news, I am booked on Saturday for more tattooing, my Mother is having a jammer after reading that I am sure. Don’t worry Mom, it’s just a few more flowers and some vines. I will post some pics when done. I promise.

Other than that, there is some health stuff going on with Bruce that we are dealing with. I won’t get into it, because he will kill me, but we are taking things day by day and getting it taken care of and hopefully soon he will be as close to 100% as an old man can be.

Did I mention he just had a birthday? He is old now. I mean older than me by a mile, or at least a year and a half.

And I think I just broke my TV. I have no volume…it’s not muted, shut up…I thought of that. Goddamn it, now what do I do? Reading lips is not one of my skills, I know I need a new tv…but the timing kinda sucks, just saying. GAH…

Ok, well I should go. I have dinner to serve and apparently now a tv to fix. It’s hard being versatile. Hahahahha..who am I kidding, I am gonna get Bruce to fix it. Either that or we are gonna have a tv with a great picture and no fucking volume…

Good thing it’s summer and I don’t have time for tv anyways.

Hope all is well with everyone and you are all happy and healthy!!

Drop and line and say hi, and I promise to post some pics soon.

Bye for now luvvies…xoxoxo

Hello??? Is there anyone out there?

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