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Hello, Santa Claus! Is That You?

Posted on the 12 December 2011 by Cathyberry

Calling up Santa Claus

Hello, Santa Claus!

Is that you?  Can you hear what I say?  I am glad Christmas is coming, Santa Claus! Are you coming to our house on Christmas?

What is that you say, Santa? You would like to know if I am a good girl?

Why, yes, I think so!

Did you hear, Santa Claus?  I want a new book, too, if you please, and a basket to carry flowers in.

Oh, and I like candy and nuts.   All girls and boys like candy, don't they?

I think that is all, thank you.

Don't forget to come to my house, Santa Claus!

Good by.

Santa Claus on the Telephone~ The Blodgett Reader, A Primer, Frances Blodgett, 1904

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