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Helping Your Child Prepare for Important Exams

Posted on the 03 October 2022 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
Preparing for exams is one of the most stressful periods of a child's life. This is due to exams being a big insight on where they will go in their future and what decisions they will be able to make. In order for your child to do well, it is imperative that they prepare for their upcoming exams. As a parent, you have the resources and time to take off some of their workloads and make this stressful time a little less difficult for them. Here is some advice on helping your child prepare for important exams.

Helping your child prepare for important exams
Help them get organised. 

Planning is a crucial part to effective study sessions. Once your child has got an official date for their exams, they should set their list of priorities according to the order of exams. Having a realistic plan in place will reduce stress levels and help your child keep on top of their workload.

Understand your child’s learning style. 

There is no use making your child spend hours studying in a way that doesn't suit them as everyone takes in information differently. There are four main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic learning. Understanding which learning style works for your child will make all the difference when it comes to their studies.

Reward their hard work.

 Studying is difficult under something that needs a lot of motivation. After any study session where your child has shown progression and determination, don’t forget to reward them for their efforts. This could be making their favorite dinner or going to the cinema. Giving them little boosts here and there will help them stay motivated.

Ensure they have a healthy and rich diet.

This will help boost their brainpower and improve the skills needed to study better. Exercise is also a vital part of keeping energy levels up and aid with retaining information better which is important for exams.
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