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Hey Sea!

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

Hey Sea!

This is the expression of Sea shore.  The Sea shore wants to feel the eternal touch of Sea and beseech the Sea to join it forever.  The tides by their nature touch the shore and go back to relax in serene. But the shore wants the tides to stay with it.  Here the shore feels that it is the destination of the Sea and she should invariably consider this fact.  Ofcourse the true destination of Sea is her depth. The word fortunes reflects the fact that the tides bring to shore several valuable items like pearls, conch shells, sea shells, sea beans, and more.

These lines can also be reflected to a lover who is looking to feel the warmth of his beloved’s hug.

Hey Sea

I am part of you surrounding your expanse
Still longing for your eternal love and touch
Living alone yearning to meet you
Parched in the hot Sun
Waiting for your overwhelming joy
And looking to quench my thirst
Alas! you relax yourself unmindful
While I wish to elate last in your touch
[here the Sea tides slowly reach the Sea shore; and the shore feels]
There I find you coming to me
I started feeling your mystique touch
The touch that makes me lost in the heavens
The touch that lifts my fortunes
While I get engrossed
Alas! You leave me abruptly sliding back
Hey my Sea please stay with me
Help me feel you for long
Listen to my inner whispers
Feel my soul driven vibes
You know who I am
I am the shore, your destination

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