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Hidden Benefits of a Controversial Guest Post

Posted on the 16 November 2011 by Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Hidden Benefits of a Controversial Guest PostIf you have yet to write a guest post, I recommend you do so.


Today I will be talking about why writing a controversial guest post has great benefits.


When I say controversial, I am not asking you to offend anyone or be nasty in anyway. I am talking about creating a debate on something that many will have an opinion about. Will want to comment on and will want to share with others.


While navigating your way around my own blog you will come across many debates, many are controversial. I love debates. They also all have a high ranking o0n my most popular posts. You have a great chance to even create a viral post.


If you can find a well known, highly used blog and are given the go a head by the blogger to guest post, then write a controversial post.


You need to find a blog who also displays their “Most Popular Posts” on the side bar. This gives you the perfect opportunity to not only create something to talk about now, but in weeks, months to come. If you can create a great discussion then your guest post will also be shown on the home page long after you wrote it.


The same applies to blogs who display their  ”Top Commenters“. As your controversial guest post will spark discussion, thus bringing in many comments from others. Ensure you participate in the discussion by replying to those who leave you comments. You will also soon see your name high up on the Top Commenter widget, also on the bloggers home page.


Once you have completed this on one blog. It is time to start writing your 2nd.


If you would like to try guest blogging but have no idea where to start, then start here on this blog. Can you rank higher on my own Most Popular Post or Beat my Top Commenter’s?


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