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High Five for Frydeeey!

Posted on the 19 October 2012 by Gandbblog @GandBblog
I have survived. 
We have lived in our new place for a week and  I have commuted to work a total of 60 minutes.  I cannot complain about that. I am feeling pretty good.
Here are my top five things about this week. Sorry there are no pictures, well, except for one...
1. Our new apartment. It's so amazing to have more space to work with and decorate. {Pictures coming soon!} 2. It was homecoming week, which means homecoming football game this weekend! 3. It was my husband's birthday and he is now a young, studly 27. Are we in our late twenties? Yikes. 4. A 60 minute commute to work and home this week. It's so good, I had to say it twice. If at all possible, always live close to your job. The amount of stress it decreases is reason enough. 5. The amazingness of fall and being able to leave the windows open while my autumn candles are burning. Seriously, is anything better? Oh and at Kroger they have $3 16oz. fall scented candles! Score!
6. Oh and there is six, but whatevs. I saw this movie and I am sorry, but Zac Efron looked incredible!
High Five for Frydeeey!
How was your week?
High Five for Frydeeey!High Five for Frydeeey!High Five for Frydeeey!High Five for Frydeeey!High Five for Frydeeey!

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