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Hold My Hand 35/100

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Infiniteawe @KatieKMcG

I stepped into the house that creaked and moaned around me. I shivered slightly and pulled my jacket closer to me. Goosebumps covered my skin and I tucked a strand of black hair behind my ear. I moved the flashlight around, my blue eyes looking for some sort of life as I moved within the house. I had a terrible feeling; I tried to convince myself that I was being paranoid. This was just a stupid dare; it was not as if I was going to die in here. Though it had been rumored, anyone who had spent the night in this house was never seen and it was true. I planned to survive.

 I continued from the living room to the dining room without any trouble. I scanned the whole area, using my flashlight as a guide. Everything in this dilapidated house was covered in dust and cobwebs. In an odd way, it seemed that someone still lived in this house. Everything was still set up as if someone lived here; the table was even set. I continued to walk towards the door at the end of the dining room.


I crashed to the dusty, red carpet in a tangle of limbs and the flashlight rolled away from me. A cloud of dust floated around me and I coughed to clear my lungs. There was a loud flapping sound and I let out a high-pitched scream. I pushed myself off the ground and ran blindly towards the flashlight. The creatures let out high-pitched noise themselves and I let out another screech as they began to fly towards me. I grabbed the flashlight and realized there were bats all around me. I ran out of the dining room and slammed the door behind me.

“Are you okay?” someone asked.

I let out another high-pitched scream and pointed the flashlight towards the person. I calmed as soon as I realized it was a guy about my own age. He was cute too. Maybe, he was here on a dare too. I took in a deep breath and exhaled before placing my hand over my chest. “You scared me!” I said rather indignantly while shaking and still gasping for air.

He chuckled and said, “Please forgive me. I only meant to find out who was making such loud noises.”

I blushed before replying, “Sorry about that. Anyway, who are you and what are you doing here?”

“My name is Andrew and I was just wandering around. May I have your name and why are you here, Miss?” He asked. It was so weird; he seemed to be from another century especially with that slicked back brown hair of his.

“Penny and my friends dared me to spend the night in the house.” I said with a noncommittal shrug of my shoulders. It really was not a big deal or at least, it was not with Hot Stuff here.

Andrew smiled, somewhat devilishly, and asked, “Would you like a tour of the house? I often wander these halls; I know them by heart.”

“Yeah, that would be nice.” I replied, excited to be wandering around the house with him. His devilish smile grew even larger and Andrew took my hand in his. His hand was rather cold and sent a chill up my spine when it touched my own. I shrugged it off, determined to take this tour.

We wandered throughout the house, holding hands the whole way. Once I got past the creepy exterior of this place, it was not half bad. It was actually quite cool; I would actually have to do more research on this place once I got out of here. It still scared me a little though. Actually the house did not scare me; Andrew did. The guy got creepier with every moment. I actually wanted this night to be over.

Andrew, still holding my hand, was pulling me towards the last room. He said it was his favorite and that we both have a lot of fun. I was scared about the way he talked about the room. There was a cold, gleeful edge to his voice and his green eyes held this dangerous glint in them. His whole demeanor took on a crazed persona and a wild grin lit up his face.

I tried to slow Andrew down by looking at the pictures in the hallway. He would not have any of it; Andrew was just dying to have me see that room. He told me that I would be dying too. I was thrown off by that sentence, but something more interesting caught my eye. One of the portraits on the wall was a mirror image of Andrew. It had the same green eyes and slicked back brown hair. There really was no denying that they were the same person.

Andrew tugged at my hand again and said “Come on. This room is the greatest one of them all. You will find it absolutely deadly.”

I continued to follow Andrew, but not before asking “Who was that man in the picture?”

“My Great Grand-father; I was named after him and my mother always remarked that I looked amazingly like him.” Andrew replied.

 He had now led me down a small hallway into the kitchen. Andrew pulled me towards the door, leading to the basement, and said, “We are almost there.” Things were too much for me now. I yanked my hand out of his and stepped back from him. A sudden thought occurred in my head: What if Andrew was the reason no one ever survived?

“Andrew, where do you want to take me?” I growled at him, continually backing up.

Andrew gave me a predatory smile and walked over to me. I tried to back away from him, but he continued to move towards me. Once Andrew had my back against the wall, he held out his hand with his predatory smile growing.

“Hold my hand and I will take you to your end.”

Word Count: 1,001

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